Sunday Routines and Rituals

Sunday Routines and Rituals

Finding the Shamrock


During my time in Washington DC, one of my favorite things has been becoming acquainted with my surroundings. The Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) at NoMa is just down the road from H Street. H Street is a place I would consider to be one of DC’s hidden treasures. While living at the RAF I spent a great deal of time wandering down it.


It all started the first week when my friends Chris, Chris, Jose and I went looking for dinner and found our way to a little Irish Pub called the Star and Shamrock.





This soon became our favorite bar, and we frequented the place for Monday night trivia games. If you’re familiar with the series, “How I Met Your Mother,” this would be the equivalent of McLaren’s. I hope to build a tight group of friends when I move to DC to bring back to this fun little bar and restaurant.


Our Church Home


On our way down H Street, Chris and I found the church we would attend for the remainder of the semester. Douglas UMC welcomed us with open arms. I have never been to a church that was so welcoming and loving. I think having this church to go to each weekend is what kept me grounded all semester. I think it is important to have some type of community like this, away from work and the Washington Center in order to feel like part of the city.  Easter was also the first holiday I was away from home, and being a part of Douglas’ Easter service gave me a sense of belonging that I needed to find in DC.




Sunday Evenings


Another part of my Sunday routine is my trip to Yoga District. Also on H Street, I discovered this studio along with my roommates on the first snow day we had back in February. I had never been to a real yoga studio before, and our first class was a bit intense. Not only was I not used to the chanting, but I was far from doing headstands at that point. Thankfully I found a different class that was a little more my style at the same studio. By the end of the semester, I was able to do the headstand positions I thought to be impossible at the beginning of the semester. I guess you could say I learned to be both professionally and physically flexible this semester.




After my weekly yoga class, I finish off my Sunday nights with a hot cup of tea at Ebenezer’s café by Union Station. This café acted as my office on Sunday evenings. I wrote many a cover letter sipping a vanilla tea latte at this little hang out.


A little bit of faith, flexibility, and coffee foam: that is my recipe for a successful Sunday and semester.







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