The Oddities of DC

The Oddities of DC

There’s something surreal about living in a place you used to vacation. I got off work early today, but instead of going home, I thought I'd get some work done somewhere in the city. I settled on the National Portrait Gallery. If you’ve never been to this particular museum, you may not know that what looks like a giant museum is actually hollow. In the center is a sunlit atrium. There are fountains and tables in this courtyard which stretches nearly the length of a city block. It's a perfect place to do some work. It was either here or happy hour... which brings me to another point.

Bars in DC are different than back home. The only people who usually hang out at bars before 10 usually have too much time on their hands. In DC on the other hand, happy hour is an ongoing networking event. It's not unusual to see a packed bar at 5pm on a weeknight. And the type of people you meet there are different as well. I met the vice president of a major marketing firm in a bar near my office on a Tuesday at 5pm.


Something for Everyone

Last weekend I visited another place on my list of free (or almost free) places in DC: Eastern Market. Back home I'm a huge fan of craft shows, flea markets, and antique stores. Eastern Market was all of these wrapped up into one, along with a farmers market. Tucked away next to Capitol Hill, you would never know that it was there unless you knew to look for it. Eastern Market is going to be my first stop when I need to furnish my apartment in DC (I'm apartment hunting to move to DC in May). There was one vendor who sold unique antique furniture. If craft shows and antiques aren't your thing, there was an entire section of fresh food. You could fill your pantry with all the cider, fancy mustard, and produce sold there. I definitely recommend a visit for those looking to move to DC. For me it was a little piece of home away from home.

Happy Birthday Jose!

My friend Jose has been bugging me about mentioning him in one of my blogs so here it goes... :)

A few weeks ago it was my friend Jose's birthday. In honor of this special day, he invited us to go to a pro soccer (I mean Futbol) match. The game was between DC United and the Columbus Crew. Being from Ohio, I'm proud to say we kicked some butt! I felt a tad awkward sitting in the home seats and cheering for the other team though. I have only ever been to one professional sporting event in my life and that was a San Antonio Spurs game in Texas. Even then, I didn't get to witness a stand-off in the bleachers as I did at this game. There is something about watching soccer that makes me squirm. I can never sit still watching a game without wishing I was out on the field. I'm hoping to make it back out to RFK Stadium for another game, but since I'm hoping to move to DC, I'll have more chances to do this...



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