Mom, I'm Going to India!

Mom, I'm Going to India!

Sometimes people become instant friends, while others have to be put in the perfect situation first. I was a little slower to make friends this semester. Since I came with one of my best friends from home, Chris, I did not spend as much time getting to know others. Once Chris’ internship picked up, we had fewer weekends to spend adventuring through DC. The last few weeks in DC, I made several close friends. One of those new friends is Mariana -- she and I decided we wanted to go home with our friend Nikhil to India. We even fit in his suitcases!!!



I love having friends from around the world! I studied abroad in India two years ago and I feel as if this semester has been an extension of my trip to India. When I was in India, I bought the most wonderful shampoo that had an oil base. In India, most people put oil in their hair to protect it from the sun. Before we knew it, Nikhil and Aaron were oiling Mariana's and my hair complete with head massages! It was a full blown spa in room 115!



Night Walk

Speaking of better late than never, there is one last thing that must be included in my DC Bucket list and that is visiting the monuments at night. I love photography, so photographing the monuments at night was something I knew I had to do before I left. If photography is your thing, by all means bring your tripod to DC. Chris and I wandered around taking pictures on Friday until past midnight. Just like Sunday mornings, late night DC is so very peaceful on Capitol Hill and the National Mall. In my own biased opinion, I think the monuments are better to visit at night only because you don’t have to fight the throngs of tourists to have a moment of peace. Isn’t this why we have the monuments? For future generations to take a moment of peace to reflect on the past?



As my weeks in DC wrap up, I realize you could live in this city for years and still never see it all. Best of luck to those who try!


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