The Cherry Blossoms put something in the water.....

The Cherry Blossoms put something in the water.....


The very first time I visited DC I was only 6 years old (I believe). I remember being a thorough pain in the rear end to my parents. I was on the edge between growing out of being too-big-to-carry and not yet okay with that reality. I remember demanding piggy-back-rides everywhere we went (not that I got any). I would even grab my parents' hands and try to swing on their arms. After a few days of begging for a ride on the little blue paddle boats with my dad, he finally agreed. He still remembers and regrets that decision. Being six years old, I didn't have quite the man power needed to pedal the boat so we ended up going in circles. After enough circles, I remember my dad reaching over and trying to pedal both sides of the boat just to get back to the dock. Through all of this fooling around, we were stranded out in the middle of DC's summer heat. Never under-estimate the power of the sun in the middle of the Tidal Basin! The thing about those little blue boats is that a ride in one of them will give you an unparalleled 360 degree view of the tidal basin (and cherry blossoms, if they're out), but what they don't tell you is that when you are in the middle of the tidal basin, you are at the mercy of Washington, DC's heat and humidity. There is no hotter and stickier place in DC than in the middle of the tidal basin on a hot summer day. My dad will never forget the sunburn he got that day.



Is there something in the water?

I don't know what it is about DC, but they sure do love their parades. I have seen four since I've been here: Chinese New Year parade, President's Day parade in Alexandria, St. Patrick's Day parade, and the Cherry Blossom Festival parade. I did get to catch a bit of the parade, but unfortunately I didn't get there fast enough to see one of my middle school celebrities: Aaron Carter. As cool as it is to see all the festivities, sometimes it feels like a lot of pomp and circumstance for flowers. I think the cherry blossoms put something in the water. It feels like a completely different city in the spring here. Although I shouldn't even say once spring gets here, it's more like overnight. We could have snow on Monday and cherry blossoms on Friday. Explain that one to me. Taking a walk around the Tidal Basin, it looks like someone took the snow off the ground and stuck it in the trees only to have it fall back down on the ground when the pedals fell off.


CNN Celebrity Run-In Take Two

I don't believe I mentioned it, but this is actually my second time participating in a Washington Center program. Two summers ago I attended the Washington Center Academic Seminar program for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). At the convention I got to intern with CNN. It was a fun job because there was such an atmosphere of excitement at the convention; not to mention the fact that I was brushing elbows with anchors I had seen on TV. I got to meet so many different important people at the convention, I never thought I could match that. It turns out I have met even more political celebrities in DC than I ever could have imagined at the DNC. Last week, Alexa and I visited the World Bank for their rally on their Zero Poverty challenge. The moderator for the event was none other than CNN's own Isha Sesay! Isha was one of the reporters I didn't get a chance to meet at the DNC, but a friend of mine got a picture with her (making me thoroughly jealous).



I guess you could say I came full circle running into a CNN reporter like that. Although this time around, instead of working for the news, I'll be helping to make it. Just check out what my internship organization Leadership Africa USA is doing! But more on that later....


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