15 Tips for Interns and for Life

15 Tips for Interns and for Life

1. Don't procrastinate. The portfolio takes a deceiving amount of time to complete. Do not leave it (or any assignment) until the last minute because...


2. Your last minutes with friends are precious. The last week at TWC will be hectic. Do not spend your final hours working on your portfolio. Spend your final days making memories. You don't know when you will see everyone again.


3. Make friends fast. Don't goof off the first 3 weeks you are in DC (or any new environment). Meet new people and surround yourself with the type of people you aspire to be.


4. Your first friends may not be your best friends. You have time to build the type of long lasting friendships you want. Do not feel obligated to hang out with the friends you made in the first week.


5. Do not rely on TWC, your internship, or anyone else for that matter, to give you networking opportunities. Your life is one big networking opportunity. Make a good impression.


6. Say thank you. Be polite to everyone you encounter especially those who are there to help you. Make friends with the receptionists, drivers, and custodial staff you meet. They are some of the nicest people!


7. No work is beneath you. Even if you are the CEO one day, be willing to take out the trash.


8. Don't spend all your time at parties, or studying, or sleeping. Do a little of each. DC is full of museums and clubs and restaurants, so take advantage of all of them!


9. Invest in yourself. A good suit, a good night's sleep, and paying attention in class will pay dividends in the future.


10. Your first job will almost never be your dream job. Life is a long road and you need to climb the mountain before you can enjoy the view.


11. Make a serious effort to remember people's names. It can make or break you when networking.


12. ALWAYS return phone calls, emails, and texts within a reasonable amount of time.


13. No one cares about your GPA except your parents. As soon as you get a little life experience, your GPA is what gets bumped off your resume. There are other ways to show you're a good student and a hard worker; a 4.0 doesn't prove that.


14. Open your mind. Meet people of different cultures, discuss politics with someone who's views are different. You don't have to accept someone else's opinions as your own, just understand that their beliefs are just as justified as your own.


15. Take advantage of every learning opportunity. Pay attention in class, ask questions, volunteer, campaign, attend a lecture on something you're interested in. There are so many more learning opportunities in the "real world" outside the classroom. Show up, speak up, and stand up!





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