White House Gardens

White House Gardens

Grabbing a few tickets to the White House's garden tour is a solid idea for students at TWC in the spring. When you're in DC, you get quickly accustomed to being around people, events, and institutions of power, but being a few feet away from the windows of the Oval Office is jarring even for the most jaded among us. I was lucky enough to get a ticket from my friend David who interns in the House, and even though the line for entry was quintessential Washington tourism, the White House garden tour was really cool and a great way to both (finally) welcome the warm weather and cap off a semester.


A familiar scene


The tour starts off by meandering up the South Lawn of the White House, placing you directly in the middle of the one of the most postcard-ed scenes in human history. (And if you're lucky enough to take the tour on a day like I had, it is virtually indistinguishable from every movie still and cable news feed that features the perpetually gushing South Lawn fountain in front of the White House's facade). It's likely some of the most prime photo-op real estate in the world, and you're right there. Even better is getting over to the West Wing, where the President's ever-present Rose Garden podium is in full view over the shrubs. And right next to that, of course, is the Oval Office itself, the windows of which look out onto the First Playground (covered in the First Swarm of Bees, apparently). There's the (heavily-guarded) pool, the basketball court, plenty of fountains and one of the best stops on the tour -- the White House kitchen's vegetable garden. It was also a convenient last stop, as we headed straight for the National Mall's food trucks immediately after. A day's laborious work, after all, makes you hungry.



Vegetable garden


Oval Office

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