It's practically a law in DC that on any given Friday, in any given Hill office, someone is talking about going to a Nationals game over the weekend. Considering how ubiquitous the springtime pilgrimage to Nationals' Stadium has become, I was finally sated in my quest to take in a Nats game. Last Sunday I saw them play the Padres (at home, of course) with a bunch of friends from the RAF. It was still a bit chilly - characteristic of this sweltering season (sarcasm) - but it successfully hit all of the other requisites of a decent ballgame. (The Nationals lost, but I can't claim that four months in the city has engendered any sort of fandom in me, so no big deal there).


After successfully clearing the hurdle of getting fairly priced tickets about five minutes before the first pitch - mission accomplished - we were able to hold court just about directly underneath the scoreboard. Not all that convenient for watching the Jumbotron, but the seats had a pretty spectacular view of the stadium, which I found to be a sufficiently DC-ized version of Citi Field (which I'm far more familiar with).



The game itself was pretty good - especially with a jolt of a home run for the Nats in their second at-bat of the game - but, given the Padres lead and eventual win, it was a bit more of a laconic affair. That was no problem for me, as I was predominantly concerned with eating as much ballpark food as possible - specifically hitting Shake Shack and the Ben's Chili Bowl outpost in the Mezzanine. I'm no stranger to either of these fares, but it doesn't take much to rekindle my love affair with cheese fries (as previously documented). The atmosphere of the stadium and the surrounding areas is great as well, with a bunch of awesome amenities around the stadium and a load of newfound DC athletic pride. All of this, of course, leads to some seriously packed Metro rides home, but it's well worth it.

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