My TWC "Inauguration"

My TWC "Inauguration"

People say that college is “the best four years of your life,” and most of the time, it’s not hard to see why. At Wake Forest University, where I’m currently a junior studying political science, I’ve made great friends, taken some enriching and stimulating courses, and lived campus life to the fullest. I’ve heard the warnings of my elders, insinuating that “real life” isn’t nearly as plush, and I can certainly understand their perspective; after all, the world of bosses, bills, and cholesterol pills is not entirely attractive.

But, if I may detract from common wisdom, I think I’m more than ready for a break from the traditional college experience. A lifetime of classroom-intensive learning and the Sisyphean tasks of exam cramming have left me a bit exhausted with conventional education. I’ve spent my collegiate summers interning and volunteering, and I’ve always been a bit disappointed to leave those ventures for school. This is precisely why I’ve been so excited to begin my time in DC with The Washington Center - and after a week here, it has definitely fulfilled my expectations.

My arrival in DC was, characteristically, accompanied by a major snowstorm; luckily I escaped New York before the weather got too unbearable. Moving in contained many of the stresses that have become all too familiar in our collegiate years - lugging suitcases and boxes up to empty rooms, parents over-packing the car - but I was surprised at just how easy the transition into TWC was. Perhaps it was the relatively luxe apartments (compared to my memories of Spartan dorm rooms, that is), but it immediately felt comfortable. My roommates and I quickly acclimated to the newness of it all, having been through these routines before, and I found the first weekend to be pretty exhilarating. People were friendly, the orientation programs were never overbearing, and the organized chaos was, well, organized. “Fun” is an overused word, but that’s exactly how I would describe it.

On Monday, I got an early start to my internship at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. It’s still fairly unbelievable that I get to work every day in the shadow of the Capitol building and the Supreme Court, between House and Senate office buildings and amidst the overwhelming buzz of Washington. My first few days were hectic and energy-filled, and though I’ve been around politicians and campaigns before, it’s been impossible not feel slightly awed in the presence of such titanic people, events, and monuments. A single walk through the streets of Capitol Hill is enough to thoroughly rouse one’s inspiration and excitement, and even though I’m bone-tired from a packed first week in DC, I’m confident that those sentiments will only grow as the semester goes on. I feel like I’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg - I still haven’t even been to the National Mall! - and I am absolutely ready to do and see more every day.

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