Friends, Fries, and Fundraisers

Friends, Fries, and Fundraisers

One of the "rites of passage" during a TWC semester is having friends from either school or back home come and visit -- primarily so you can catch up, but also, of course, so you can promptly show off your newfound DC know-how. Last weekend my good friend Connor from Wake Forest came up to DC to see his sister play lacrosse at Georgetown, so we got to hang out a bit on Saturday. I met him at the Mall (at night this time, which is a whole different experience) and showed him around the monuments, as it was his first time in town. He was thoroughly impressed by the monuments -- although not nearly as impressed as he was with the RAF. It's easy to forget the luxury of our abode, but thinking about the average college dorm quickly snaps perspective into place.



After showing him around the RAF, I opted for a culinary spot that has become a (gut-busting) staple for me: Ben's Chili Bowl. Ben's Chili Bowl is an Americana-heavy fast food joint on U Street that dates back to the early 60's; it's a DC landmark, hosting (and documenting) Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Hillary Clinton, and many other politicians, entertainers, and civil rights figures. More importantly, it has some seriously amazing cheese fries. And since it's pretty conveniently located on the main strip of U Street, amid various venues, clubs, and bars, it is a vaunted late-night stop between nightlife and Metro. (Or, if you're my gravely injured bank account, Uber.) Three consecutive weekends of cheese fries may be excessive, but undoubtedly worth it.



Finally, one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in DC so far was the chance to attend a Senate fundraiser last week. Being amongst thirty-odd senators and DC elite -- and hearing a few Senators speak and give remarks -- was an awesome opportunity. It's a prime example of the pricelessness of a Washington internship, which, beyond simple work experience, offers you a window into the higher rungs of society -- always a fascinating picture. I've found that that brand of exposure and first-person insight is probably the most valuable aspect of interning in DC.

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