Career Boot Camp

Career Boot Camp

Throughout your time in DC, the one thing you'll hear more than the word "networking" is the phrase "I know everybody talks about networking, but..." - followed, of course, by an appeal to the power of networking. It can get grating, especially if you're like me and the idea of openly bragging about a couple of measly internships seems preposterous. But one of the best things that TWC has to offer is an abundance of advice on how to turn that preposterous idea into a workable reality - something that, as I've found throughout the past few weeks, is really helpful.


The Washington Center's Career Boot Camp, which we had last Monday, was probably the most helpful TWC offering yet. It served up a panel of several private-sector recruiters - professional grad-hunters from places like Capital One, NPR, and a few consulting firms. They offered some pretty invaluable insights into the world of resumes, cover letters, and job-hungry gladhanding, and I even got a chance to exchange emails with the hiring recruiter from NPR (a big score for someone interested in journalism). In bringing out real life gatekeepers from the actual workforce, the session was a world away from the questionably-relevant and arcane lecture halls that normally characterize the college experience. I found it to be an exceptionally unique advantage.


That, of course, was not all; following the panel, there were a series of workshops designed to go into even further detail about the future world of employment. I attended the congressional & campaign jobs workshop, which was an inside rundown of the inner workings of Washington, and a meeting on negotiating your first salary. For someone who has mostly labored in unpaid internships and only made money as a minimum-waged French fry impresario, it was one of the most necessary pieces of education I've gotten in a while - even aside from the sinking feeling that the words "cost of living" engenders.


These kinds of practical and unconventional bits of workforce preparation are among the clearest examples of why TWC is such a productive experience. After witnessing the wealth of knowledge there is to be had regarding your future employment, it's easy to understand why the program is such an advantage.

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