Another week has gone by and Mother Nature has once again decided to mess with our heads. This Monday we were practically snowed in and this weekend the temperature was up in the fifties. Could spring finally be here or are we just on the precipice of another snow storm? Only time will tell, but after many false spring days, I am on my guard, knowing that winter is just lurking around the corner. Anyhow, this absolutely amazing weather gave us an excuse to go and explore Georgetown.


Georgetown is so far my favorite part of DC, even though it is a hassle to get there. There is no Metro line that goes to Georgetown, so you have to take both the Metro and the bus (which takes forever, because it is always stuck in traffic). The trip takes even longer when you don't know which bus you have to take and where exactly you have to take it, which results in aimlessly wandering in and around Union Station trying to find the bus stop. I'm starting to feel that my friends and I can't go out without something going wrong. Maybe it's about time we start planning things ahead... Yet, our mishaps have led to some pretty funny situations and this time it gave me a chance to snap some nice pictures of Union Station and Capitol Hill.


View of Capitol Hill from Union Station


Front view of Union Station

Front view of Union Station (with statue of Columbus)


There are a bunch of things you can do when you get to Georgetown, especially on a beautiful day. You can relax by the waterfront and enjoy the sun. You can go and explore or you can go shopping. Georgetown has some pretty great shops, such as the Tea and Spice Exchange, a tiny shop which has a large variety of spice blends and exotic teas. The teas and spices are all stored in big glass jars, which makes the store look really cozy. Plus you can smell and taste pretty much all of the blends they sell. Even if you're not really into tea, it is nice to just look around and take in everything on display. Another popular shop in Georgetown is Georgetown Cupcakes, pretty much the most famous cupcake store out there (seriously, there was even a documentary about this place on Belgian television). While this place definitely is a must, don't go down there on a sunny Saturday afternoon, unless you want to wait in line for over an hour. Personally, I didn't have the patience to wait in line for a cupcake, while the weather was so nice. So I left my friends to their sugary adventure and wandered around the shopping district enjoying the sun and the items on display.


Georgetown waterfront

View from Georgetown Waterfront


On Sunday, after enjoying a day in the sun, it was time to get back to business. Most of us have midterms coming up or papers to write, so unfortunately we couldn't spend the entire weekend exploring. But studying doesn't necessarily have to be boring. Grab your books and go sit outside in the sun or, when the weather isn't nice enough yet to study outside, go to the local coffee place or Barnes and Noble and study there, which is what I did.


Studying at Barnes and Noble


That's it for this week. Until next time!

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