Last weeks

Last weeks

Last week it finally sunk in that my TWC experience is nearly over. I was making plans for the next few weeks and I suddenly realized that there were was little more than two weeks left. The last weeks at TWC are pretty hectic. You have a lot of deadlines to meet: final papers, civic engagement project reports, capstone reflections, presentations...  My advice for future TWC students is too start working ahead; otherwise you will spend the last (sunny, I might add) weeks of April indoors, working away.

I was supposed to go on a shopping trip to Virginia this weekend, but considering our current workload, I was kind of glad it was cancelled last minute. I made plans to go the Air and Space Museum on Saturday and reserved Sunday for slaving away on my paper. On Saturday, the original plan was to wake up at a decent hour, work a little on my paper and then meet up with my friends to go to the museum. Safe to say, that didn't happen. I slept in, hung around in my apartment for a while and then had to rush out to meet my friends on time. I also forgot that the Cherry Blossom Festival is over and that the Metro goes back to single track on the weekends. So it took us about an hour to get to the Mall, instead of 30 minutes. But the Air and Space Museum was definitely worth the trip. I have to say that it is one of the most impressive Smithsonians. From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by planes and spacecraft. Now, I am not too interested in the space part of the museum, but it was very interesting to see the very first airplanes, the types of airplanes that were used during World War I and World War II, and - best of all- a replica of a military plane carrier that you could walk around in.

Air and Space Museum

Air and Space Museum


After the museum, we went for a drink in Chinatown. We went to a bar with lots of regional beers, so of course I had to take a picture of the flags they had hanging up of all the Belgian beers they served. I was amazed at how many different brands they served. They offered a larger variety than most of the bars in Belgium. When I saw all those flags hanging there, I was filled with a sense of national pride (a rare thing among most Belgians). Here I was, in a random bar in DC and it was proudly displaying a part of our culture.



The flags


On Sunday, I went down to Solaire's clubroom to work on my paper. I have to say that I got a lot of work done in between staring longingly at our pool through the window. On days like these, it really is a shame that pool isn't open yet (it opens on Memorial Day), but then again that might just be a good thing. Otherwise I probably spend all my free time in the pool, instead of actually getting some work done (admit it, you would do the same). I kind of envy the summer interns... they will have access to this great pool all summer.


Solaire Pool

The pool


All in all, I had a pretty productive weekend: I visited another Smithsonian, had a great night out in Chinatown and got quite a lot of work done on my paper. Let's hope that the next week and a half will be just as amazing as all the weeks before and that the weather stays as nice as it is now. Until then!

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