Family Visit

Family Visit

This weekend my mom and my sister came to visit me. I met up with them on Thursday after work and found out that they were staying at the hotel right next to headquarters (what a coincidence, huh?) and had dinner with them at the hotel. I had walked by the hotel a couple of times on my way to HQ, but I never thought that hiding behind the statues facing the street was a very trendy hotel with a very nice bar. It was sort of strange to see my mom and my sister again after such a long time (ok, I had Skyped with them, but that's just not the same). In the beginning it was sort of awkward to sit down and have dinner with them again, but after a couple of minutes my sister and I had gotten back into our strange sense of humor that nobody else seems to understand, but has us rolling on the floor laughing. Sadly enough, it was a Thursday evening, so I couldn't stay late, because I had to get up early in the morning, but I left them with some sightseeing tips and a promise that I would meet up with them again after work tomorrow.


On Friday I met up with them at Library of Congress. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very nice and the line at Library of Congress was so long that none of us felt like queuing. Instead, we just walked back to the Mall and I pointed all of the museums out to them. Because it was rather cold, we decided to find a nice place to have a drink. Wandering away from the Mall, we didn't immediately see a place that stood out to us and we wound up at the Barnes and Noble Cafe on 12th street. It might not be the most fabulous place, but my mom liked it, because she could browse through the books and because she wanted to see some of the places I hang out at. The Barnes and Noble Cafe just happens to be my favorite place to study and get all my homework done. Afterwards, we went to the stores around Metro Center and did some much needed shopping. Luckily, one of the stores was having a sale, so we didn't spend too much money.


The great thing about having my family here this weekend (other than just seeing them again) was that I finally could do some decent sightseeing. My family is a pro at seeing all the important things in the least amount of time (we once saw all of Rome in less than two day's time), so on Saturday I visited all the memorials I still hadn't seen. Thankfully, the weather was super nice, so we were able to see the memorials in all their splendor (and not under a cover of clouds). First we headed to the Jefferson Memorial, which ranks pretty highly on my list of favorite places in DC (right below the Lincoln Memorial). We first caught a glimpse of the Memorial from the opposite bank of the Tidal Basin. Walking under the Cherry trees surrounded by tourists really made me feel as if I was on vacation myself.


Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial


When we arrived at the Memorial, there was a large group of people doing some late morning fitness, which was incredibly fun to watch. Especially because there were some cute kids who decided to join in as well.


Work out at Jefferson

Workout at Jefferson Memorial


After Jefferson, we followed the trail on to Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (I had no idea it was that big), Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (I had already seen it last year, but it still took my breath away) and the Korean War Memorial. We walked back to the Mall via the Reflecting Pool and passed by World War II Memorial again. I had never seen it from this side and I had also never seen it while the fountains were working. I thought it was impressive before, but now it was twice as impressive.


World War II Memorial


In the afternoon we decided to slow down our exploration of the city and explored the shoe department at Macy's instead. After we had had our fill of fashion, we decided to head down to Georgetown for dinner and to relax by the waterside. Georgetown is a nice change from the rest of DC, because it is so different. Instead of being surrounded by large buildings and impressive memorials, you are surrounded by quaint houses and cute shops.


On Sunday, we went to the National Zoo. Sadly enough, not all of the animals were out. We didn't get to see the gorillas or the great apes, and we were too late to see the panda cubs, but we did get to see the lions, tigers and the seals. To ease the disappointment of not seeing the baby panda we went to the frozen yogurt place right across the street from the zoo and drowned our woes in frozen yogurt and chocolate toppings. After dinner that night it was time to say goodbye for another month (is it strange that this one month seems longer than three months did when I first left?) and I headed back to Silver Spring.

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