The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

My week of official farewells at my internship site began with constant deadlines and revisions, not to mention the due date of my final portfolio for TWC. NDU treated us to the international fellows appreciation luncheon during our last week of the internship. There, I sampled food and interacted with people from all across the globe. It was, as events at NDU always proved to be, an amazing learning experience.


NDU Luncheon


As much as I didn't want my internship to be over, the last day arrived quickly but not without a proper farewell, CHDS style. We had a full pizza party and mini commencement ceremony where our professors presented us with a diploma and thanked us personally for our collaboration to the center during the semester. We then got a chance to address our professors and supervisors and thank them for a semester filled with wonderful learning experiences.


Last day at CHDS


While some people may rejoice in the relief they will have at the end of an internship, for me it was the complete opposite. I felt incredibly sad to end a fantastic professional experience but also to leave behind an amazing work environment I could only wish to find later again in the future. This work environment was made possible not only by my amazingly helpful and close supervisors, but also by my co-workers that I now have the honor to call friends. Not all internship experiences are the same, but my sadness when I left NDU for the last time made me realize that I had lived the experience the way it was supposed to be.


CHDS Internship team

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