Millennials Gather with UN Secretary-General

Millennials Gather with UN Secretary-General

I constantly find myself star struck while living in Washington, D.C., given my encounters with individuals and leaders from all areas, which includes prominent members of the military and politicians. This time, however, the encounter was quite different. While catching a glimpse of a celebrity at any event is an exciting prospect, these individuals are world leaders and I would be crazy to miss an event that would feature the UN Secretary-General and the President of the World Bank. The event was End Poverty by 2030 and it was held in the gorgeous atrium at the World Bank. I had the honor of being in the front row of the audience and I enjoyed every moment of it. This event was a call-to-action and a challenge to the millennial generation to become the generation that successfully ends extreme global poverty.


Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon


The panel featured World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and Millennial leaders advocating for education and entrepreneurship as ways to combat world poverty. Each leader shared their story, their life work, and their efforts to create a world with no poverty by 2030. But what makes this panel an extraordinary one was their calling on the youth to take an active role in tackling the issue of poverty. Each individual in the audience, much like the panelists a number of years back, had a profound interest in international development, eradication of world hunger, and providing equal opportunities for all, which made it an energy-packed and dynamic event.


Zero Poverty Panel


The many young people on the panel are an inspiration; they have taken action against extreme poverty by founding advocacy organizations, promoting social and economic change through the empowerment of entrepreneurs, and advocating for education rights.  For me, of course, the highlight of the event was listening to the secretary general and the World Bank president. They both shared a fantastic message on the importance of youth involvement, referring to our generation as the present and the future of our world. If the purpose of this event was to feel empowered to take on the challenge of changing the world we live in for the better, I can confidently say that it greatly fulfilled its purpose. In a time where many can doubt the intellectual and engagement ability of Millennials, it’s reassuring to see our current leaders count on us to take on the next big challenge that we as global citizens face.


World Bank President Jim Yong Kim

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