Exploring the Nation’s Other Capital - Philadelphia Adventures

Exploring the Nation’s Other Capital - Philadelphia Adventures

I love adventuring outside DC, which should come as no surprise after my blog post last week. But let me first give you a recap of my workweek. I find NDU to be very rewarding with all that I have learned so far. The interns at CHDS this week were lucky to have a small session on Cyberspace from one of the professors at the center, giving us first-hand knowledge and the opportunity to ask as many curious questions as we wanted. The day continued with a trip to the International Spy Museum and it finished off with a fantastic dinner in Chinatown. The week is always fun and exciting but it is always the weekends that I look forward to most – I would like to think most people would agree with that. Philadelphia was my target for this weekend. And while Philadelphia is not a new city to me, it does have a lot of history. There is so much that this historic and dynamic city has to offer and I especially wanted to see how the city was now that spring is in full swing.


At Penn's Landing


Accompanied by my roommate, I explored the famed Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was debated and signed. We unfortunately did not get a chance to pull a “Nick Cage” and sneak up to the second floor as he did in National Treasure. We did, however, get a chance to see the emblematic Liberty Bell, which was present at the birth of America, through to the Civil War, and into the Women’s Rights Movement. After surviving the flock of tourists – this past weekend was gorgeous – and waiting in line to snap a picture with this famous bell, we visited Penn’s Landing, where you can have a fantastic view of the river and enjoy some time under the sun. And while some people find Philly Cheesesteaks to be the staple for any trip to Philadelphia, I decided instead to visit one of the many great restaurants in Old City to fuel up for the rest of my busy day.


Rocky Steps


The Philadelphia Museum of Art – most commonly know as the location of the Rocky steps – is, hands down, one of the most visited sites in the city. Similar to pictures taken at iconic buildings like the leaning Tower of Pisa, everyone must take at least one picture with their hands up in the air as a sign of victory after running up that wall of stairs. It is embarrassing and ridiculous, but an obligatory rite of passage. There are many reasons to like Philly; I can say for sure I enjoy the good food, great sightseeing, and the wonderful city views. Perhaps my favorite building is City Hall, a huge, imposing building in downtown Philadelphia with a statue of Benjamin Franklin overlooking the city. It only seems fitting since you find so much history and so many secrets hidden in the streets of the city. Sure, the city is smaller than New York and has a different vibe than D.C., but there is something about Philadelphia that can turn an average weekend into a great adventure.


Philadelphia City Hall

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