Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

Every week at TWC is challenging and adventurous. But have you ever had some weeks where it seemed like absolutely everything happened at the same time? That is how I characterize my week; here is a taste of just how busy it was. The workweek began on Tuesday with my first scheduled informational interview. One of the assignments we receive as TWC students is to conduct informational interviews that will help us with networking skills and give us an opportunity to get insider information on the career paths we hope to pursue. In my case, it was with someone from a non-profit organization. That same Tuesday at work, I attended a reception for the students coming from all over the Americas who took courses at my internship site.


On Wednesday, my second informational interview was scheduled, this time it took place on Capitol Hill. It is amazing how helpful and friendly people can be to give you tips on how to advance your professional career and make the most of your undergraduate degree. By the time I traveled from Capitol Hill to Fort McNair, however, it was time to have a brown bag lunch with Ambassador Gregory Schulte, who was the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council. Sure, in DC it may be “normal” to meet people with official-sounding titles but it is definitely a privilege to talk one on one with experts in all kinds of different fields. The madness continued the third work-day (Thursday), where upon arrival, a professor had decided to give the interns a mini-course on topics related to intelligence. By mid-afternoon, I was invited to listen to a talk from a professor at my internship site at the Inter-American Defense College on Transnational Organized Crime in the Americas.


At the Inter-American Defense College


Friday did not show any signs of the week slowing down. I started with a speaker from the Department of State at the Washington Center, only to move on to an event at the Organization of American States (OAS). As a law student aspiring to go into the field of international law, going to an event focused on my country at the OAS was such a personal accomplishment. After the talk on one of Mexico’s most important historical characters, I headed back to work where one more important event awaited: General Petraeus, former director of the CIA and four star general, gave a small talk at the National Defense University. So yes, some weeks are impossibly busy, but getting back to the RAF after having experienced so much is incredibly rewarding. Gratitude is the word that comes to mind as I immerse myself in this wonderful city and enjoy its many perks.


Mexican Event at the OAS


General Petraeus at NDU

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