Global Citizenship Day

Global Citizenship Day

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

-The Bible


TWC held a Global Citizenship Day (GCD) this past week as a cultural exchange of sorts. Students from all over the world brought food, clothing, flags, music, and knowledge from their different cultures to share. A special thanks must be given to all the international students who paid out of pocket for the food they shared with us.


The GCD started in the morning with guest speaker Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, talking about student exchange programs. Assistant Secretary Ryan spoke of the importance of learning about other cultures and encouraged all students to study abroad.


The day continued with breakout sessions; five different workshops covering a variety of topics. I attended the financial planning workshop hosted by Yusuf Abugideiri. Yusuf was an immediate hit with his somewhat unorthodox presentation style. He kept the workshop informal which helped increase interaction and kept what could be a heavy subject, light and understandable. The topics discussed not only included financial planning (such as retirement, investment, college loans, and life insurance), but also included advice on connecting with people and knowing how to present yourself to your audience. The workshop was fun and informative, and quite possibly the best speaker I have heard in the TWC programming.


Puerto Rico Performing


Programming really started to pick up in the afternoon. Booths were set up in each room for students representing their countries to showcase food and traditions from their home. Everyone was able to go from room to room trying out new food and finding out more about fellow students' countries. Brazil ended up winning a prize for best food, but that in no way diminished the delectable treats from other countries. The evening was a smorgasbord of food containing waffles, chocolate balls, syrup, tortillas, and plenty more that I could not even identify.


Learning about Brazil


The evening concluded with a meal provided by TWC and performances from several different countries. Local songs and dances were performed with much enthusiasm, finishing off a full day of cultural interaction. In the end, the purpose of the day was fulfilled. The students of TWC recognized the things we had in common, while also sharing the things that were different.

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