Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

"My chains are gone, I've been set free

My God, my Savior, has transformed me

And like a flood His mercy reigns

Unending love, amazing grace."

-Chris Tomlin


Great Falls National Park


It was a busy Easter week for me, and a very enjoyable one. My fun began with a visit to the National Press Club to see the Kalb report. The event featured Marvin Kalb moderating a discussion with Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The discussion was fascinating and humorous. The perceptions of the Constitution by the two justices were excellently contrasted in a respectful and engaging way. It would be easy to assume that a conservative justice and a liberal justice do not get along very well; in the case of Scalia and Ginsburg, however, the exact opposite is true. The two of them remain good friends and do not let their ideologies become an obstacle to their friendship.


Crystal City


The weekend continued with a busy (in a good way) Good Friday. The Herald Group allowed everyone to leave work early, but first one of the employees volunteered to take everyone out to lunch. After enjoying a free lunch and getting off work early, I went to Virginia to do volunteer work for my civic engagement project. Arriving early allowed me to check out some of the beautiful scenery in Crystal City (Alexandria), Virginia. After exploring briefly, I met up with the other TWC students volunteering for civic engagement. We all assisted in handing out waters to runners in a 5k race that happens every Friday in Crystal City.


Saturday we completed the final day of HIIT (high intensity intern training). We finally ran from The Washington Center to the Lincoln Memorial. We circled around to the back where there are steps leading to the waterfront and did several different exercises mixed with running on the steps. It was a bittersweet moment completing our final day of HIIT. It has been fun working out together in a group in the middle of D.C. After resting up a little, a group of us joined together to enjoy a little pot luck dinner. We all enjoyed a lot of good food and learned more about each other and the many different cultures we come from.


For the Easter part of Easter Weekend I joined a bus load of TWC students on a trip to Great Falls National Park. After the hustle and bustle of the city, Great Falls was a great place to go and relax and enjoy nature. It was a nice change to go hiking and not see any buildings. The water, rocks, and trees were amazing. I cannot think of a better way to spend Easter than enjoying God's creation. After the Great Falls trip, I finished up my Easter Weekend at Mclean Bible Church and a dinner get-together afterward. This weekend was one of my busiest since arriving in D.C. All I have left to say is He is risen, He is risen indeed.



Great Falls National Park

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