Courts, Baseball, and D.C. Through The Eyes of Children

Courts, Baseball, and D.C. Through The Eyes of Children

"Baseball? It's just a game-as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It's a sport, business-and sometimes even religion."

-Ernie Harwell



With baseball season in full swing I can officially say spring has arrived. The sun shines bright and beautiful, the flowers are blooming, and the streets are crowded with tourists. I decided to join the tourist crowd and attempt to make it into an argument at the Supreme Court. Unfortunately I chose the same day that everyone else decided to go as well. After standing in line for a few hours we were told that they were no longer allowing people in. I was still able to visit the building, just not the courtroom (but I did see the above replica!).


Washington Nationals' Stadium


The day was not a loss, however, since the time in line was spent with my brother who was visiting from Pennsylvania. We proceeded that evening to watch our first baseball game of the season (well, for me at least). The smell of the food from vendors, the sight of the green grass surrounding the dirt pathways, and crack of the bat hitting the baseball brings a wonderful since of nostalgia. The feeling was reinforced by seeing history made during the game. Only 25 players in the history of baseball had hit 500 or more homeruns. In this game that number expanded to 26. Albert Pujols joined the exclusive 500 home run club by hitting two home runs in one game. A baseball game is a joy to watch in and of itself, the historical significance of this game was just added gravy.


500 Home Runs Announcement


The weekend was wrapped up with a visit by the Morozov family. We all enjoyed a speed tour of many D.C. sites. We stopped by the Air and Space Museum, the National Zoo, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. Although I had been to all of the monuments previously, there is something special about seeing D.C. through the eyes of a child. Sam and Jacob (8 and 5 years old) visited D.C. for the first time and brought a whole new perspective to the capital. It was fun singing "one way Jesus" on the metro, discussing why the reflecting pool was not a swimming pool, and joking about our reflections following us the whole trip. The Morozov family has always welcomed myself and friends into their home and I was very happy they were able to visit D.C.


Sam and Jacob enjoying the Zoo

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