My first snow day!

My first snow day!

If you know me then you know that I've never seen snow. It's not like I've never been anywhere where there should be snow, it just never snows when I get there. I guess you can call it unlucky -- or lucky depending on how you feel about snow. D.C. has held a lot of firsts for me. My first time on the east coast, my first Thanksgiving away from home and now my first snow experience. My roommates have been anticipating this moment ever since they found out I've never seen snow. Everyone who knows my little fun fact always seems shocked and excited for me to have my first experience. But after the horror stories from friends and coworkers of 6 inches of snow, driving in sleet and freezing rain (which was a term I had never heard of) I had mixed emotions of excitement and terror. Apparently, D.C. hasn't received snow during winter for over two years. So I thought, hey, I might miss it.

There were many false predictions of snow so each time I got excited and then let down, I began to build up a sense of disappointment. So naturally I began thinking maybe I'm just not meant to see snow. But then, there it was, piled outside my window as I woke up to a blanket of snow out on my patio. My heart felt like it was going to leap outside my chest. I felt like a kid on Christmas! I leapt out of bed, grabbed my coat and boats, and was off into the magical wonderland that lay outside my window. My roommates had a giddy grin on their faces as they saw all my excitement. I was super excited; I wanted to recreate how my childhood winters would have been spent if I didn't live in San Diego, California. First things first, I had to make a snowman.



My roommate and I had to get a little creative because there wasn't enough snow to make a full-sized Frosty the Snowman, but we made out with what we had. This city is magical on its own, but covered in snow it's even more amazing. Living in San Diego, it never really felt like winter, even on Christmas morning. But here in D.C., seeing everyone bundled in their sweaters, scarves and coats, I know Christmas is near. I love this feeling. I love waking up and everyday be a surprise. Maybe it's the snow, or the people, or perhaps it's the history of D.C., but every time I realize that this isn't a dream and I'm actually here, I feel like I'm living someone else's life and suddenly I'm going to wake from this fairytale I've been living for the past four months. Honestly D.C., this experience has truly and whole-heartedly been one of the most amazing times of my college career. I couldn't be more grateful for my time here.

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