My family away from home

My family away from home

Good friends are hard to come by, but I struck gold with three amazing roommates who I'm blessed to call friends. I don't think my experience in D.C. would have been half as amazing without these amazing young women. Our days have been filled with ups and downs and through it all I'm glad to come home each day and know you three will be there, to hear my crazy stories and share a few as well. As the end of the semester creeps around the corner I begin to reflect on how amazing our time here has been. Kalee, Samantha (Sam) and Daniella (Dani) have been such a big part of my D.C. experience that it's only right I dedicate an entire blog to them.


Disclaimer: my roommates and I never seem to take a serious photo.


Kalee and I


Kalee, my southern Belle. You are so much stronger than you think. I admire your willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. I know it was tough leaving the solitude of your small town and your family, for the first time, and journeying to a foreign place all alone. But you are growing into your own and it has been a pleasure to play a small part in who you will become. Your feisty personality always keeps things interesting and I know that you will do amazing things in life. I may not be able to bond with you over sports, or get excited about a Texas Tech game--or the Rangers, although I try. I know that the bond we've built based on genuine respect and concern for one another will transcend any of our differences. One day, I know I will be in attendance at your barn house wedding and I'm excited to see how much you have grown since our time in D.C. Thank you for teaching me how to Texas two-step and always keeping me in stitches.


Sam and I


Sam, your drive is inspirational. You've shaped yourself into such a smart respectable woman. You exude wisdom far beyond your years. I've enjoyed your crazy and sometimes random stories. But if I ever needed someone, I know I can go to you. We may have had our ups and downs, but if I wanted an honest answer, you would be there. I'm going to miss our conversations laying in bed reflecting on our days. I admire your can-do attitude and how you've risen yourself from your ashes, despite the adversity you faced. Sam, you are so sure of yourself and that's something that is rare to find in someone at twenty-one. I have no doubt that you will be exceptional in whatever career you choose because knowing you, you won't give up until you're the best.




Dani, my fellow psychologist. You are so adventurous and eager to experience everything life has to, offer. I admire your easy going nature and thirst for life. You have a way of drawing people in and making them feel connected to you. I love those moments that you surprise us all with your sense of humor during the most unconventional times. I'm not sure where you will be the next five years, but I know you will be well-traveled and will have a trail of broken hearts behind you. You are courageous and I love that about you never lose your zest for life and sweet nature. Please don't ever forget how strong and courageous you are and Dani; it's okay to be selfish at this age. I want you to live big and dream even bigger. I promise to visit you in Mexico.


Our family!


I know you all will move on to do amazing things and I hope that we never lose touch. We all have contributed so much to each other's development while here, and when we all are experts in our respective fields, I hope we never forget the moments we shared while here, because I know I won't. I love you girls to the moon and back.


I hope one day when I run for public office you won't sell all my secrets. :)

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