My Decision: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

My Decision: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

They say you'll never forget your first love and I'm certain I'll never forget D.C. For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I've been faced with deciding if I should remain in D.C. for the spring semester or return home to graduate from college. After a lot of uncertainty and contemplating I have decided to return to San Diego to complete my degrees. It wasn't an easy decision, and one that took me a long time to come to, but I've realized that there will be many more opportunities like this for me. This experience and job offer showed me that I am capable -- capable of reaching all my goals if I chase them fervently. I know that this experience was just a taste of what's in store for me down the road and that thought is comforting.


Kristen Soltis Anderson Speaking at Commencement


Alumni commencement speaker Kristen Soltis Anderson's message was exactly what I needed to hear. She was in a similar position as myself when she completed her internship in '05. She had to finish her degree before returning back to D.C. and amongst all the great insight and advice she gave during her speech, one thing she said that I connected with most is her genuine love for this magical city. Much like Anderson, I caught the "D.C. Bug." I felt like anything was possible while in D.C; it was as if every insecurity or self-doubt I ever had fell by the wayside. I believe almost every person's goal in life is to align who they are with who they want to be. In my case, I was the powerful, assertive and driven women I strive to be while in D.C. and it felt empowering.


Leaving D.C.


On the plane ride leaving D.C., I began to reflect on a seminar I attended during my freshman year of college. The advice one of the panelists gave was to never let fear stop you from going after your dreams. I vividly remember her words, "F.E.A.R stands for false evidence appearing real, so don't let fear stop you from being great." I carried these words with me until this moment. As I face the transition from college to the real world I'm realizing I don't have a safety net to fall back on. My choice to return home to complete my degree was on the condition that I make the most of my final semester. I've decided to start a F.E.A.R.-less journey. On this journey I will document my personal and professional development. In 2014 I plan to push myself to do things I've always wanted to do, and not let obstacles come in my way. I already have big plans when I return to San Diego, which includes interning with Assemblywoman Shirley Weber and volunteering on a mayoral campaign. Also, I plan to apply for and win my University's highest achievement award for students, Quest for the Best. But I know all roads for me lead back to D.C. and I've already begun applying for summer and fall internships in D.C., namely with the Congressional Black Caucus.


Fellow Student Commencement Speakers and me.

D.C. has become my home away from home and I know that all roads will lead back to my nation's capital. From my experience in D.C. I have been inspired. I may be leaving D.C. for now, but not for long.

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