Tick Tok

Tick Tok

Done! With all homework that is. Not yet with D.C., thankfully. It is one of the best feelings to just be able to enjoy yourself without stressing about assignments and grades. That's why I was sure to finish all of my work before the weekend, so I could soak up as much fun as possible during my last weekend in the city.


After an adventurous week at work, the weekend did well to follow suit. Friday evening I was lucky enough to go to the lighting of the National Christmas Tree; my friend managed to get tickets in the seated section at the very front! I wasn't sure what to expect on my way there, I thought it was just a lighting ceremony of the tree. Was I ever wrong. It was a huge event with performances by quite a few famous names. I saw Train, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey (plus many others!) perform live! I also saw the President speak, alongside the first family! I was blown away at what a big occasion it was. Even though it rained on us the whole time, I still managed to have a blast. I mean, when will I ever get to experience that again? The rain just made it all the more memorable.


We were even closer than it looks in the picture, we had awesome seats!


Can't believe I got to see President Obama!

It was definitely on my to do list, but I didn't think it would happen!


Me and Kevin after the performances; yeah, we were pretty much soaked!


The festivities continued back at the RAF. Being the last weekend, everyone was ready for a night full of socializing. We bounced from room to room throughout the night  It was fun getting to spend a last bit of time with everyone we've met during the semester here. A semester may not seem like a very long time, but through classes and programming and everyone living in the same building, you get to know some of the other students pretty well. Plus, everyone here is relatively outgoing, which makes it a lot easier to meet new people.


Saturday was another jam-packed day. Dale, Elliot and I spent the day with Berit and her family (who are from Norway -- they're spending a year in the U.S.). We went to a Norwegian festival at a local church, visited the National Cathedral, and saw the Zoo Lights. I tried pea soup, an authentic Norwegian dish, at the festival and must say it was rather good! I even learned a few new things about Norwegian culture that I never knew before.


Later, we went to the National Cathedral which was beautiful. The architecture was very European; it was breathtaking. We were even lucky enough to see part of a concert that the choir was putting on. They performed Handel's The Messiah. I had never heard anything like it before.


We were then off to the zoo to see the light display they do every year. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised. Lights adorned the entire main walkway all through the zoo.  There were light animals, lights timed with music, lights covering trees, lights everywhere! It was very festive and definitely got me in the holiday spirit!


Quite the festive entrance!


A display in honor of the new tiger cub!


The whole walkway was lined with lights!


We concluded the evening by making tacos at Berit's house and spending the evening chatting. I didn't expect to become such good friends with a Norwegian family during my time at TWC, but then again, this whole experience has been full of wonderful surprises. The idea of this being my last week is bittersweet. I've thoroughly enjoyed my internship and meeting so many new people along with all of the excitement of the city, but I am looking forward to seeing my friends back at Gannon (and bragging about what an awesome time I had while they study for finals!). It's not over yet, though! I'm sure my last week will be just as exciting as my first!

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