Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thankful for Thanksgiving

We're really getting down to the wire now. It seems as if all of a sudden everything is due! I'm definitely glad I got a jumpstart on my assignments before Thanksgiving or I'd be sweating bullets right now.


It's crazy to think that we only have two weeks left in D.C. It feels like everything was just getting started, but looking back over the past few months I've really done quite a lot. Getting all of my assingments together kind of gives me a feeling of accomplishment. All of my hard work throughout the semester seems worth it now.  Not that it didn't at the time, it's just a lot easier to think that now that it's done! I still have plenty more to do, though, before I get too smug.


Thanksgiving was perfect timing for a much needed break for everyone it seemed.  I know I was looking forward to it! After a harrowing drive home through a blizzard, it was nice to get a chance to relax and catch up with my family. It was also great to get to enjoy the snow for a bit and then leave it back in Erie!



My sister's dogs love the snow!


We always have our family over to our house for Thanksgiving, so there was a lot of preparation to be done when I got home. We all pitched in and helped with the cooking and set up. I made a homemade apple pie for the first time ever and it actually turned out pretty well!  After everyone was overstuffed from a delicious dinner, we started a rousing game of spoons! (It's become a Thanksgiving tradition in our family.) There's no holding back, it's every man for himself! Fortunately, there were no hard feelings when I (almost) won. My family always manages to have a great time when we get together.


My family at the dinner table (minus my aunt and uncle taking the picture);

we probably had enough food for two full meals!


Spoons!  Everyone has their game faces on.


Of course we had to go shopping on Black Friday! My mom, sister, and I were very successful in our endeavors. I may have bought more for myself rather than Christmas presents for others, but this semester of hard work deserved some reward, right? I do believe I finished my Christmas shopping Friday, as well!


Saturday we decorated our Christmas tree and watched my sister's wedding video for the first time (she just got married at the end of August). Let me just say, it was quite entertaining. My uncle compiled clips of advice, dancing, toasts, and the ceremony into one big video. We all had such a wonderful time and the video captured all the best moments.


Decorating the tree is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.


Back in D.C. once again, I have to make the most out of my last two weeks! I do have a lot of work to do, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Going home for Thanksgiving gave me the break I needed to stay motivated for this last stretch of the program. It's hard to believe that everyone here will be going their separate ways soon, but we've had a good time to this point, so I'm sure the last few weeks won't disappoint!

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