Back in Business

Back in Business

I got what I wished for; this week was definitely busy! With the full staff back at work and assignment deadlines quickly approaching, there was no time to be bored.  Congress finally got its act together, too, and passed a bill to fully reopen the government. Now the city is back to its normal bustling self!


A bill was passed to fund the government until mid-January, hopefully we won't face this issue again!


We were lucky at ISMO that our civilian employees were able to come back to work after only a week of furlough. Everyone kept a good attitude about the situation and hunkered down to get some work done. A week may not seem like very long, but things were already getting backed up in our office. The final after-action steps for the Alumni Reunion had to be completed, the contracts and reservations for the Chicago field studies trip had to be cancelled, and other programs and paperwork needed to be updated.


I must say, I was glad for the work. The main purpose in being here is for the experience and when there is no work to be done there is no experience to be gained.  Plus, it's always nice to feel useful. Just sitting around with no way to help is enough to make a person go crazy. As overwhelming as busy can be, I'd prefer it over boredom any day.


Also, it looks as if I'll get to go on the field studies trip to Tennessee since Chicago got cancelled! Who really wants to go to Chicago, anyway? (I mean, me, but let's try to make the best of the situation)! Besides, I think it's time this girl experienced some southern charm. We'll get to visit Graceland, the main U.S. FedEx hub, and participate in a mock trial at a Ripley courthouse. I'm very excited that things were able to work out as they did because this sounds like an awesome trip!


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Part of the programming at TWC includes internship site visits from our academic program advisors. My advisor recently completed mine and it seems as though it went very well.  It was rewarding being able to show off some of the work we've been doing and how it all fits into the bigger picture. I got good feedback from both my advisor and internship supervisor, so that made for a happy intern.


My work continued into the weekend. Midterm papers are due soon for my class, so I spent my days on my bed with the company of my laptop and a sea of notes and articles surrounding me. By Monday afternoon I emerged from my room victorious: my paper was complete and ready to turn in. I had my share of distractions before that point, though. We may have ordered pizza and watched movies on Netflix, taken a midnight trip to 7/11 for slushies, gone on a shopping trip to H&M in Chinatown and spent a bit too much money, and baked a cake, but who's keeping track? My paper is finished and I had an entertaining weekend despite the shutdown.


All we wanted were slushies...


Cake makes everything better!  Especially when it's purple!


My family is coming to visit this weekend and I'm looking forward to doing all of the touristy Washington things with them (and showing off my Metro navigation skills).  So, my work is now complete and I bid you all farewell until next week!

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