The Monday Blues and Talk of a Government Shutdown

The Monday Blues and Talk of a Government Shutdown

It’s Monday afternoon, which marks the end of my weekend and the start of my crazy, non-stop week. I am still amazed every time I open my planner and check off everything I do throughout the week; it’s definitely been the craziest five weeks of my life. There are some mixed feelings around here as everyone at TWC talks about the possible government shut down tonight. Some of us will still intern this week, and some of us will not be allowed to report to work at all. There’s unease among some, while others make jokes about “shutdown parties”. Either way, I am still allowed to report to my internship and for that I feel lucky.

As September turns to October tomorrow, I feel all settled in here. I finally feel useful at work, I (almost) never get on the wrong train, and I even offer directions to lost and confused tourists. So as the newness of things here wears off, D.C. has begun to feel like home away from home.


Familiar Faces

Speaking of home, last weekend I had my very first visitors! Words can’t explain how comforting it felt to see some familiar faces and share a piece of this experience with people I love. Another perk of having visitors is that it forces you to go out and see things even when your week of work leaves you exhausted. I was so lucky to be able to spend a day in Old Town and a day in Georgetown, two amazing and beautiful areas. Both of these towns are on the water and are known for their food and shopping. Old Town Alexandria is exactly what it sounds like and more; it’s quaint, historic, and unquestionably charming. The cobblestone streets are lined with cozy boutiques, restaurants, and old fashioned ice cream parlors. It’s a laid back place full of shops to pop into. The next day we spent in Georgetown, an area that draws a younger and hipper crowd. For dinner, we had 8 p.m. reservations at a waterfront restaurant, and had no trouble passing the time in some high-end stores. When the time came, we headed down towards the water to Farmers Fishers Bakers -- a place that had been highly recommended to me. Let me just say: if you have not been…you must go here. Their concept and design was like nothing I had experienced before. Everything about Farmers Fishers Bakers was unique and innovative. Their soda menu, inspired by 1950’s pharmacy soda fountains, definitely sparked my curiosity. I let our waiter talk me into a seasonal soda…a combination of guava, mandarin, mango, pineapple, lime, lemon and ginger which sounded completely ridiculous. I would normally never order anything that exciting for my rather dull palate, but I’m so glad I did; it was the best thing I ever drank! Of course, I loved my meal as well and left there claiming: “I’m coming back here for my birthday next month”… I can’t wait.


Old Town Alexandria


When Sunday came, it was really hard to say goodbye. The time together was so short, and it kind of felt like leaving home again. Nevertheless, it was time to get back to work and this lightning fast-paced life of mine.


The Weekend

On Saturday, I decided to take a really big risk that I wasn’t sure I’d survive to tell about. At 11 a.m. I met a group of interns outside for the kickoff of TWC HIIT (High Intensity Intern Training). The two hour session started with running a mile and a half to the Capitol, engaging in an intense group workout on the lawn, and then running a mile and a half back to the RAF (Residential Academic Facility). I obviously dragged my roommate Brianna with me, both for mental support and in case I passed out or worse -- broke my leg (I have a tendency to injure myself during any physical activity). I have to say, this workout was incredibly challenging. I am not an athlete nor do I consider myself to be athletic in any way, and so I was really nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t give up though; I finished the workout alongside everyone else, and I was SO proud of myself for that. It’s been three days already and I still can’t bend my legs. I’m already thrilled for next Saturday’s workout, and I’m encouraging everyone I know to join. It was a rewarding challenge, a judgment free group, and the view of the Capitol beats the wall beyond the treadmill any day. Besides all those perks, you even get a FREE t-shirt after you attend two workouts!



TWC HIIT Workout Group


Saturday evening I went to Mass with my friend Lindsay at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Capitol Hill. I haven’t been to church in long time and she spoke really wonderful things about this place. St. Joseph’s is more than 140 years old and is the second oldest standing structure on the Hill, behind the US Capitol Building. Not only was I able to attend a beautiful mass, but I experienced yet another piece of D.C. history- pretty cool.


For the rest of the weekend, I slaved over reading, homework, studying, and program assignments. I can’t tell you how good it feels to take out that pen and scratch away at my mile-long to-do list. I should get back to my school work now, but first -- it’s off to the basement for the Animal Welfare Bake Sale! Besides…sometimes all you need is some good chocolate to eat away a bit of stress…


"When I was young, I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything. I used to think, how can I die without seeing every inch of this world?"

-Leonardo DiCaprio

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