Dustin Wlodkowski.. CBS News.. New York

Dustin Wlodkowski.. CBS News.. New York

The other weekend I got a special treat. I used the long Columbus Day weekend to take a trip to New York City and visited the massive CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th St. My host for two of the days I was there was TWC alumnus, Sean Herbert, a producer for Weekend Evening News. He gave me a grand tour of the sprawling facility that takes up an entire square city block. Studio after studio, control room after control room, I got to see spaces used by the Jackie Gleason Show and Edward R. Murrow. Today they're top-of-the-line, HD-equipped production centers for CBS Sports and various talk shows.


On the set of CBS Sports


After the tour, Sean let me shadow him at work for the day. He was reworking a piece that Jim Axelrod, the Saturday anchor for CBS Evening News had done for Evening News earlier in the week to use in the weekend broadcast. I got to see how Sean went back and forth with Jim to create a final draft of the script, sit-in on an Evening News editorial meeting and watch Sean work with Jim and an editor to put all of the elements of the piece together in an editing suite.


Taking a turn behind the CBS Evening News Desk


Saturday's show was taped, so the show's director invited me to come back on Sunday to see what a live Evening News broadcast looks like from the control room. I'm glad I did because it was totally different from the show the day before. Instead of a quiet room with rows of empty chairs, it was alive and buzzing with multiple producers hard at work and the director rattling off cues to the different camera operators and other producers both in-studio and in the field.


The CBS News New York Control Room


My final day in the city was Monday and that morning I went in to watch a live broadcast of CBS This Morning. I went back to the control room and was able to see the people saying what I hear in the D.C. control room on Monday mornings.  During the last 10 minutes of the show, CTM's production director took me out on the floor of the studio to see the news team and crew in full action. It is nothing short of a three-ring circus. Camera operators with booms, robo cams and a steadicam are constantly moving around the table in the middle of the set. We had to move multiple times in just minutes just to stay out of the way and avoid getting run over.


Pulling up to the CBS This Morning Studio 57 table


While I was there that day I also met CTM anchors Charlie Rose and Gayle King and got to sit in on two more editorial meetings. I also met Norah O'Donnell's assistant, TWC alumna and former blogger Lauren Gallippo. It was amazing to see someone who had exactly the same internship last year in such a great first job.


The entrance to the CBS Broadcast Center


I headed back to D.C. Tuesday morning and hopefully will be able to get back to the Broadcast Center one more time before the end of the semester. It was a truly amazing experience.


We'll see what this week holds in Washington!





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