D.C. Gets Ready for the Holidays/The End

D.C. Gets Ready for the Holidays/The End

The holiday season in any city is a special time. From Christmas tree lightings to performances of The Nutcracker, December brings out some of the best in activities and aesthetics. While New York’s holiday decorations and special events are without equal, there are certain things you can only see and do in Washington at this time of the year.


The Capitol Christmas tree facing with the National Mall in the background.


Union Station with Christmas wreaths.


First and foremost are Christmas tree lightings. Both the White House and the Capitol have their own outdoor Christmas trees and, to celebrate, they hold lighting ceremonies.


The Capitol’s is lower key. The Speaker of the House does come out to light the tree and say a few words, but that’s about it. The White House’s, however, is an extravaganza. It’s a full blown concert with an orchestra, the President and First Family making an appearance, with musicians including Janelle Monae, Mariah Carey and Arturo Sandoval performing. Unfortunately, it was raining like crazy during this year’s White House Christmas tree lighting. My friends still went and said it was worth it, even though you couldn’t bring in umbrellas for security reasons.


The Capitol Christmas Tree with the Capitol Building behind it.


The holiday decorations at the National Botanical Garden.


But even walking around downtown after a snow fall and seeing the buildings and museums decorated with wreaths and the National Menorah near the White House is nice. CBS and some of my friend’s internship sites had Christmas parties which was a nice way to round out the semester.


Now that I’ve been home for a little over two weeks, I’ve had some time to think back and reflect on my D.C. experience; I have to say it was everything I could ask for and more. It was exciting for me both personally and professionally.


My roommates were great people who I hope to visit and stay in contact with in the future. The apartments at the RAF are spectacular and it will probably be a while before I can afford to live anywhere that nice when I’m out on my own after college. I got a lot out of my academic course, How Washington Really Works with Charlie Barscht and highly recommend anything he teaches to incoming TWC students. Our Monday Media and Communications weekly programming was also helpful and let me explore the Newseum and make a CBS contact in New York.


Still, all that aside, (and as if you couldn’t tell from any of my other blog posts) the highlight of my time in Washington was being a part of CBS News. Everyone in the D.C. bureau was kind to me, cares about each other and were so willing to help me make the most out of my time there and prepare for a career in broadcasting. Working in the newsroom and getting good feedback on the clips I taped for my resume reel all strongly reaffirmed that I am pursuing a career that I will find fulfilling for the rest of my life. I still have three semesters and a summer to go and while I’m looking forward to getting out in the real world, I’m going to enjoy college experiences like my semester in Washington while I can.


A screen shot from a taping on the FTN set.

This best describes the aw... man feeling that my time in D.C. is over.


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