A Weekend of Adventures

A Weekend of Adventures

This weekend has to be one the better weekends I have had in D.C. On Friday, I was reading the Washington Post’s Weekend Activities insert. They have a ten page or so insert that has a bunch of things that are happening that weekend and the following week. I have been checking it out a lot recently to try to do more on the weekends. I found some cool stuff and I was determined to make the weekend interesting.


New Friends Friday

On Friday, I was a little tired and everyone seemed to be as well. I was planning on just staying in and watching a movie. Naturally after my second movie, I was getting a little restless. I ended up texting this girl that I had hung out with a couple times.


The thing about TWC is that there are always new people to meet. It is great to have so many people my age in one place. Everyone is on the same work schedule. When you come home from work, so is everyone else. When you want dinner, hear about an interesting concert, and so on, you know there are people available to do it with you. It makes finding things to do way easier. In the first couple weeks, you make some solid friends. Now is the time where everyone is so comfortable that they are starting to branch out.


Anyways, on Friday I ended up going with this girl to hang out with people she knew but I had never met. It turned out to be a really fun night. I met a lot of people that are in my program. We ended up staying up until 2:00 a.m. talking about politics, the government shutdown, healthcare, Syria, and a bunch of other current issues. I love that. You come into a new group and immediately bond over everyone being so obsessed with the same thing you are.


Art All Night

From the Washington Post’s insert and a guy at work I had heard about this event called Art All Night. It is a festival that happens once a year in the Shaw area. All types of art, from performance to classic artwork, is shown in this twenty block radius from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. The idea comes from Paris’ Nuit Blanche in which they use to open all the museums all night for the locals to come in for free. I heard they host the event in 16 different cities all over the world now.


We took the Metro over and met a bunch of kids when we got off that were looking for the event as well. It was cool to talk to people who are my age but don’t go to TWC. There are so many people here interning from all over the place. It is a really great place to be for people in their younger years.


Unfortunately, the main event had a line literally around the block. It was so long. We went to a few other little things instead. I really liked seeing the art scene here. It reminded me a lot of Seattle. It was great to see a new area of D.C. and some pretty amazing and hilarious and interesting art.


One of my favorite pieces.



A communal tricycle that everyone could ride!


The Zoo

On Sunday, I usually laze around. I do some schoolwork for my Monday classes, watch some football, and generally lay in bed. This Sunday, I wanted to keep up the momentum. I made a big brunch with some friends from another room. It was fun to cook with people and I really can’t deny my love for breakfast, especially after a late night.


We ended up going to the National Zoo a little later in the afternoon. The thing about the National Zoo is that it’s free. Also a panda just had babies and that was the real selling point. The Zoo was such a fun, random outing. It’s nice to just walk around and enjoy the sunshine. The adorable animals really didn’t hurt either. The sad part was that pandas were not out, but the elephants, monkeys, lions, and flamingos made up for it. I forgot how much fun it is to just be a kid and go to the zoo.


The elephants were hilarious. They were dancing around and swinging their feet.


The lions were a little unhappy with all the screaming children, kind of like me, but it was cool to be so close.


The flamingos were probably my favorite. They were all balanced on one leg, just casually sleeping with their heads all twisted into their feathers.


Overall, it was probably one the best weekends I have had here. It is so easy to get caught up on being tired from a long week’s work, but I am only here for 10 weeks so I really need to capitalize on all my free time. Sitting in the apartment you can easily forget that you are the nation's capitol, but you are. You are in Washington D.C., and getting out and around is a must.

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