Global Citizens Day

Global Citizens Day

There are some things I have learned to be great from this program -- the people who don’t know gangnam style, an elevator full of kids ready for another exploratory night out, the ones who will teach you their traditional chants and preferred drinks -- but most of all the people you will probably remember forever because of the impact they made on your life. You may not realize it now. This is just another program, another resume builder, another step to becoming great... but really these people you have met at TWC have made a lasting impression.


Tonight was the International Festival, but it didn’t end when the programming stopped. I learned in my breakout session about what it means to have ‘multiculturalism.’ We went around the group and discussed the definition. It not only incorporates living around people who different from you, but also having a dialogue to open up the highways of communication.


The day was great. The breakout group leader was one of my favorite speakers heard here; she really made me pause and reflect. But my evening is what led to the biggest jump from being me to being a multiculturalist. Tonight, I not only met people I have never met from countries around the world, I discussed what was important to them.


In my time here at TWC I have met many really great people. I have met many people from different walks of life. Today, I was able to really appreciate that; today I was able to identify it as unique. My roommates are from China and Korea in Asia. Some of my friends are from Canada and Mexico. I never stopped to think about how rare that is. I never stopped to think about the cultural experience.

In my brain, people from other countries are all the same: just people. I don’t think of them in terms of race or color -- they just represent another new friendship. That sounds slightly ignorant, but I honestly never considered the amount of great exposure I am getting. I get to meet people all the time. Today, Global Citizens' Day, really led me to recognize the unique and substantial effect this will have on my future outlook.

I believe it is this generation of people that will really lead the world to change. My generation has friends from different socioeconomic and cultural walks of life. The dividing lines of an us-against-them mentality is an old myth to us. Most people my age consider their friends too widespread to think of such old-time terms. I am so excited to see where this mindset will take us. I am excited to the substantial changes that will come from it.


My last week in the program is quickly approaching and I am so glad I had this opportunity to reflect before I leave.

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