Finding Out the Meaning of Homesick

Finding Out the Meaning of Homesick

The worst part about being homesick is that you really don’t see it coming. Or, at least, I didn’t. When I went to college, I never got homesick and whenever I have done anything, I have never really longed for home. To be honest, I haven’t really left Washington State from more than three weeks since I was in fourth grade. Still, it came as a great surprise when I realized that I had been nonstop thinking, talking, and writing about things that happen in ‘my’ Washington.


The Beginning

It started with switching my Pandora station from my usual high-energy station to a total Seattle, alternative, grunge music station. A small, insignificant matter -- but it was really the beginning of my path to find some sense of Seattle-ness.


Next was my Tuesday hunt for a hipster coffee shop. Coffee shops may be a normal activity for everyday coffee drinkers, but I seldom indulge in the caffeine department. At home when I get super stressed, I have a plethora of funky shops to choose from. It was quite the hunt here. Everything is so modern and Starbucks-y. When I finally found something, I grabbed a large peppermint tea and read a book for two hours.



The hardest thing about being away from Seattle is that our sports teams are kicking some serious ass this year. The Seahawks are dominating. We beat the 49ers last week. Yeah, that’s the team that played in the Super Bowl last year. UW is also killing it. The stadium is brand new this year and everyone is always posting pictures of it being packed to the brim with purple and gold fans. We are literally destroying other teams with our nonstop energy. I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan, but I do enjoy sports. My family is also rather obsessed with it so they like to send me updates as well. I hate that I am missing all the games and the new stadium. Worst of all, I am on the east coast so it is impossible to find either game on television. The weekly victories make me miss the crazy loud 12th Man city.


This past week I had the great privilege of going to a National’s game. My office had clients in, so they paid for the ticket and all. We had great seats a couple rows behind home plate. We ate hot dogs, made fun of how slow baseball is, and had a really great time. It was a great substitute for my sports jonesing.


National's Game


The Rain

I realize that I complain every time it rains in Seattle and I should be enjoying the still-summery weather. BUT IT IS FALL. I want fall, sweaters, boots, and, for god's sake, no more humidity. If I can’t be getting a tan or swimming, I don’t really care for it to be this hot anymore.


There are certain activates that are way better with rain. Seeing dark, stormy, gray sky is an excuse to take a day off and stay in bed watching Netflix. You drink warm things when it rains and ice water is never on your mind unless you forget your umbrella and it is pelting you. Reading books and blaring Lana Del Rey is just not the same without the pitter patter of water falling from the sky. Some may ask, doesn’t it rain in D.C.? Well it certainly does, sir. The air is still 70 degrees and it is more flash flood style. So prepare to walk with an umbrella, in a tank top, for twenty minutes, and you are in the clear.


A rainy day picture from Bellingham, Washington


Now I know you what you are thinking: this whole post has been devoted to me much complaining that I am in Washington, D.C. and not Seattle. Well, you are completely right in that thinking. I am slowly falling in love with Washington, D.C. I even hope to one day move here for at least a couple years. But sometimes you just have to have a moment of reflection to realize how much you value something you totally took for granted before. Seattle is a beautiful city with a very unique culture that I will always hold close to my heart, but really D.C. isn’t too bad either.

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