When the Family Comes to Town

When the Family Comes to Town

Baltimore was only the start to my busy week. I had two technology networking events that I went to this week. The first one was called TechAfterHours and located at 1776 DC. 1776 DC is similar to Betamore, which is one of the companies I mentioned in my last post. I met some cool people and got some new business cards. The second networking event, called TechBreakfast, was Wednesday morning at the Microsoft building in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It was cool to be in a Microsoft building in general. At the event, five startup companies gave a quick 7-minute presentation about their business and then answered questions. It was really interesting to see what products and services these people offered.

I also got to hear Stephen Colbert speak through the intern lecture series at work. We got there an hour early and there were already a ton of people there. My coworkers and I got lucky and were on the side that got to go in first. However, all the other interns were acting very similarly to a mob. This led to everyone pushing and for about 10-15 seconds, I legitimately thought I was going to be squished. We somehow managed to get pretty good seats and had a good view of Mr. Colbert. He was very casual and used the whole time to answer questions. I had rarely watched his show before this but I still really enjoyed it.

My mom, sister, and neighbor also came into town this weekend. I took the Metro and met them at the airport and then we took a cab to their hotel. After they settled in, we went straight to Union Station to eat. On Saturday, they went to the Newseum while I had my civic engagement project. My civic engagement group had an adoption event in the parking lot of the RAF and Lucky Dog brought some dogs to be adopted. I got to handle a 5-6 year old Weimaraner named Rex. There were a couple of other dogs there and by the end of it, three of the dogs may be adopted. All Lucky Dog has to do is perform home visits to ensure the dogs will be in safe home environment and so forth. After this, I met my family at the Natural History Museum. I really enjoyed this and we stayed here until it was time for us to head to the Segway tour around D.C. We saw the White House, Capitol, and all the monuments on the Mall. On Sunday, we went to Arlington Cemetery and a couple more museums. Monday we went to Georgetown. We went to both Georgetown Cupcakes and Sprinkles. Both were good, but in my opinion Georgetown Cupcakes was better. That pretty much summarizes my weekend with my family.



Now for the weekly bear post. I am running out of videos so I will probably do pictures from here on out. Since I am in D.C., why not use a picture that combines bears and D.C...


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