In the End It Really Does Matter

In the End It Really Does Matter

Well, it's that time again. This will be my last blog post. It will basically be a short post about my last week in D.C. We had commencement on Monday and it was interesting. I really enjoyed hearing my fellow interns speak about their experiences. I went and finished up visiting the Air and Space Museum on Tuesday. While here, I was able to see a majority of the monuments and most of the Smithsonians.


On Wednesday, I went to my final National's game. They were playing the Atlanta Braves and since my family & I are Braves fans this was extra special. I had good seats on the first base line/right field corner. Multiple foul balls were hit around me and my parents even got to see me on TV for one of them. The Braves were also on a 13-game win streak going into this game. There were a couple of scares, but they ended up winning and extending the streak to 14.


Thursday and Friday mainly consisted of packing since I had procrastinated earlier in the week. That pretty much encompasses my last week. I have really enjoyed doing these blogs and I hope y'all have enjoyed reading them. I hope my weekly bear post has allowed you to maybe have a better sense of humor or at least given you the ability to find humor in everyday things. Goodbye!


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