4th of July and More

4th of July and More

It's weird how time passes once you get into a routine. On Sunday, I was thinking about the long weekend and about the upcoming week and the next thing I knew and it was Friday again. I guess time flies when you are having fun.

Spending the 4th of July in the nation's capital was a really cool experience. I started off my day by going to the Nationals game at 11:05 a.m. The game was fun and the Nationals won, but boy was it hot. I'm pretty sure I sweated my body weight in water during that game. I sat in the left field corner, so the only shade I got was from clouds and when I left my seat for whatever reason. After the Nationals game, I tried to make my way to my next destination but ended up walking in a complete circle before realizing that if had gone straight instead of taking a right I would have been headed in the right direction. I have awful directional skills and every time I try to get somewhere without Google Maps, I usually end up using it anyway because I can't get to my destination with my own directional skills.


What Google maps doesn't tell you is that the bus you are supposed to take to reach your destination may, or may not, be in a sketchy part of town. Of course with my luck it was, but I made it on and then decided to go to the back of the bus for some reason that I still have yet to figure out. This was a bad idea -- so for future reference, if you are in a sketchy part of town don't go to the back of the bus. This destination that I keep referring to is the Washington Kastles stadium. The George and Mason Inn were holding a July 4th party called Red, White and Boom here. The event was pretty cool and I had fun and met some new people. We had a pretty good view of the fireworks. I almost didn't take any pictures or video because I wanted to enjoy the experience and because my phone was on 3 percent battery. The 4th was also the day that I had a battle with sun. I had the genius idea to be in the sun from 11 a.m. until sundown. Well, I lost this battle pretty badly. My face, arms and kneecaps (from sitting in a baseball seat for three hours), were the color of a lobster. I'm usually pretty good about putting on sunscreen, but I forgot to buy some and was too stubborn to ask people for some. That basically concludes my July 4th festivities.

The rest of my weekend consisted of going to see White House Down, going to the Newseum and avoiding the sun as much as possible. In my opinion, White House Down was awesome. I really enjoyed it. It was just the right blend of action and humor. The Newseum was also pretty cool. They had things ranging from the Berlin Wall, to the Kennedys, to cool FBI objects and basically anything else news-related that you can think of.

During an intern lecture series this week, I got to hear General Dempsey speak. General Dempsey is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was neither a speech nor a lecture he just told us about his job and then answered some questions. It was cool hearing about what he does and how he interacts with the powerful people that help run our country.

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