Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Although I planned to go on my own time, I was glad to hear that one of the optional trips through the Washington Center was a trip to Theodore Roosevelt Island. The trip to get there ended up taking longer than we expected (only due to faulty group navigation skills). Getting to know a few more people along the way made it a fun experience. Canoeing in the Potomac river is now on my to do list.



The island does not allow bikes or cars so it is a good getaway from the city. Finally reaching the island made the trip worth it. There were a good number of trails to walk and a few views from the different edges of the island. If you are a person who enjoys being outdoors, this is a great place to come. Our group decided to visit on a Sunday morning and it was quite relaxing. There were a variety of animals on the island, as well as plants. The fountains were out of service, but it was still nice seeing them in person.



Of the 4 monoliths, these two stood out to me the most because they relate well to where I am in life. Being a young male in Washington, D.C. will have that effect.
Did I forget to mention that the statue was huge!?




After talking to people who have lived in D.C. for years, I find it strange that a lot of them have not visited this island. It you have free time and nice weather, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend visiting this location.


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