My Reflection

My Reflection

I have been away from D.C. for a little over two weeks. This has allowed me to reflect on my time at The Washington Center and my internship.


The Washington Center provided me with opportunities that would have been impossible to seek out on my own. Relocating to a new city, selecting the perfect internship while looking for housing, and finding opportunities for civic engagement, a lecture series, and business programing is no easy task. Going through the The Washington Center provided me with all of these options, while allowing me to adjust to the city at a reasonable pace. As an alumnus of the program, I would recommend The Washington Center to anyone looking for an internship.




TechAmerica allowed me to get a glimpse of what it is like to work in a corporate setting. I was able to attend and participate in professional meetings and interviews. This experience showed me the importance of voicing your opinion, while understanding someone else's perspective. TechAmerica also encouraged communication across departments. This allowed me to get a solid understanding of the different functionalities of each department, as well as the people who make them function. Overall, working with various people provided me with the tools to handle diversity and different opinions.




I am fortunate to announce that I have been hired as a Systems Support Analyst with Acentia. Acentia is a premier provider of technology and management solutions to the federal government and commercial markets. Working with them will allow me to combine my management skills with my passion for technology. Acentia is based in Falls Church, Virginia. Therefore, I will not be far from the D.C. area.




Overall, my time in D.C. provided me with a lot of new life experiences that I would have not been able to have anywhere else. If you are open to new experiences in a major city, like meeting new people, and want a valuable internship, The Washington Center is exactly what you are looking for.

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