Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

I set out with a mission to visit all the places I could during my summer in D.C. I am proud that I can say that I have seen all of those on my initial list. The great part about actually being in D.C. and talking to people who lived here for years is that it exposed me to locations that I was not familiar with before coming to the city. My problem is that I had so many places to visit and could not see them all. I now present you with my short list of "missed opportunities."

The first location that I was not able to visit during my summer term was the Newseum. This museum was one of the top museums recommended to me. The fact that it was highly recommended, despite the fact that you have to pay admission, was enough to pique my interest. The Newseum focuses around news and journalism, but everyone said that it is very interactive compared to most of the other museums you will visit in the D.C. area. The Newseum has many exhibits such as Presidential Pets and the First Dogs, The Assassination of JFK, and Civil Rights at 50. I have not met anyone who has seen everything there, due to the fact that the amount of things that you can do can last about two days. I often went by the Newseum on the way to my internship. Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me time to see it.




Ben's Chili Bowl is often referred to as the "must go" restaurant if you visit D.C. They were featured on The Travel Channel's show "Man vs. Food." They serve their famous chili on hotdogs and burgers. They also have other items, but of course, these are the most popular. The other interns in The Washington Center spoke highly of the food served there. I planned to review it during my "Food of D.C." blog posts but I was never able to get there to try it. I didn't realize how popular Ben's Chili Bowl was until I came home and my family and friends asked me if I tried it. The feeling of missing that opportunity is what sparked the idea for this blog.


Ben's Chili Bowl


The American Visionary Art Museum is located in Baltimore, Maryland and is one of the more "contemporary" museums that I heard about. It features work by self-taught artists. The exhibitions include items such as huge toothpick sculptures, a new Star-Spangled sidewalk, and a huge chess set that is made from nuts, bolts, and other metal. I heard from many people that The American Visionary Art Museum gift shop is one of the best that they have ever been to. Next time I am in the area, I plan to take whoever I am with there.




I hope that this blog post motivates you to see as many interesting things as you can during your time in D.C. The time there flies by. If you did not already have a list of things to do, I am glad to have started that list for you.

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