The Food of D.C. Part 2

The Food of D.C. Part 2

It is now time for the second installment of The Food of D.C. I've been able to go to some interesting places and try new and interesting dishes.


The first meal is available at The Hamilton. It is called the Open-Faced Barbeque Pulled-Pork Burger. It also contained mac & cheese, coleslaw, fried onions, and Texas Toast. This burger was similar to NyQuil because it almost put me to sleep after eating it. I'm pretty sure that it can cure a cold as well. All of the toppings might not sound good together, but somehow it works. This "burger" is a definite recommendation.


The Hamilton


One of the great things about living in the RAF @ NoMa is that Union Station is around the corner. My friends who visited for the weekend could not decide what to eat, so I decided to take them to the food court on the lower level of Union Station. They have over 30 restaurants but the one I decided to try was Cajun Grill. Bourbon chicken, spicy chicken, potatoes, and fried rice for $7 could not be denied. The food was acceptable for the price and they provided generous servings. Although not picture worthy, their half-and-half (sweet tea & lemonade) is definitely taste bud worthy.


Cajun Grill


One day, after leaving my Public Policy Dialogue, I went with a group of guys to a restaurant called Bullfeathers, which was recommended to us. Apparently, this place is known to be the place where Congressmen go to eat lunch. I did not have the appetite to try one of the signature milkshakes, such as the "Bacon Pancake" or the "Rice Crispy," but I do regret not getting one after typing this. Instead, I decided to try their signature burger, the Lone Star. This burger was topped with white cheddar, bacon, grilled onion, and coleslaw with barbeque sauce. I am not ordinarily a fan of coleslaw but it seems to have a way of making it on top of my food in D.C. The burger was reasonably priced for the area and tasted fresh and moist. We did not run into any Congressmen that we recognized, but it ended up being a great lunch regardless.




The final place to check out in D.C. is andPizza; yes, that is the name of it. With H and U street locations you are bound to run into one of them. They provide custom made pizza with as many toppings as you would like (I watched the guy in front of me order every topping). The pizza is typically the serving size for one person but is sharable. The spicy tomato is also the go-to sauce.




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