The Food of D.C. Part 1

The Food of D.C. Part 1

After working at your internship for a while, you realize that lunch time makes you just as happy as it did in grade school. Going around the office and asking for food recommendations is pretty close to asking people who their favorite musician is; you will get a different answer every time. One thing was constant, everyone raved about the variety of food that is available in D.C. I wanted to make it my mission to eat at places that I have never tried before. We try to go out and explore new food locations at least once a week and I have yet to be disappointed.


When your daily view for lunch looks like this, it may actually make the food taste better.




For the first week I decided to try Indian food. I didn't know what to expect due to the fact that I never had the chance to try it before. My only expectation was that it was going to be extremely spicy, according to my research on the food channel. If my memory serves me well, I ordered a chicken rice bowl, with every type of spicy sauce they provided, lettuce, corn, and what I hope were chick peas. After getting my drink and applying a few squirts of Sriracha sauce, my taste buds were ready! My first bite was just intense satisfaction. Not as spicy as I thought it would be, but still great.


Indian Food


The second week, my coworker and I decided we were in the mood for BBQ. Not the greatest idea when you still have four hours of work after lunch. Thankfully, there was a BBQ place called Hill Country BBQ a few blocks away from our internship. I think the only type of meat this place didn't offer was saber tooth tiger. After figuring out how to navigate and get our food, we had a feast waiting for us. I decided to go with the BBQ ribs/baked macaroni/cornbread combination. After eating like Vikings, we had to slowly hobble back to our internship location, three pounds heavier, and fight off falling asleep for the rest of the day.




On the 3rd week, my food plans had to be postponed because I volunteered to work at an awards ceremony TechAmerica had planned. After working for about an hour and a half, we were surprised because the TechAmerica staff invited all of the interns down to have dinner at the ceremony. I never thought I would be able to eat Beef Tenderloin with a butter knife, but this meal proved that it was possible. Moral of this story, you can find a great meal anywhere in D.C. Even when you least expect it.


TechAmerica Awards Dinner


TechAmerica Awards



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