The Anticipation: Washington D.C.

The Anticipation: Washington D.C.

I chose to do my internship at The Washington Center due to the strong recommendations from Bloomsburg students who experienced the program first-hand. The networking events, Civic Engagement Project, Roundtable on Civil Society & Social Responsibility, Academic Course, and the city in general seemed to make a lasting impression on TWC alumni at Bloomsburg. I knew that if I could find an internship location that would match perfectly with my interest, I would not be able to pass the opportunity up.


Along with management, I have interest in entrepreneurship and technology. I assumed that it would be hard to find a location that would be able to combine all of these interests. That was until my internship coordinator mentioned a location called TechAmerica. She felt that it would be great option to consider.


TechAmerica is a trade association that works with large, medium and small technology companies who create a variety of products and deliver a multitude of services in the private sector and to governments at the state and national level. I knew that by doing my internship with TechAmerica I would have endless networking opportunities, all of my major interest matched, as well as an engaging environment. After being offered an intern position, I gladly accepted.


Exploring the City

After being in the city for a week and getting accustomed to using the Metro I am more comfortable going longer distances. The good news is that the Metro is easier to use than it seems on your arrival. Visiting different places has led me to some interesting pieces of art. Two of my favorite pieces that I have seen so far are these!


Art 1




In my opinion, the best thing about D.C. is the ability to walk around with no destination and stumble onto something fun. The first night, while walking around the city with my roommates, a man came up and told us about free food and beer. Those words are enough to get any intern excited. This led to me meeting a couple of new friends and trying an "apartment brew." At that moment, I knew it would be a fun time in the city.


What to Expect From Me

A common characteristic that I was really keen on after talking to Washington Center alumni is the idea of working hard, but making sure to enjoy your time in D.C. I am very open to new experiences, and plan to make the most out of my time here. Between the concerts, tours, and outdoor events that I have planned, I will make sure that I try as much new food as possible.


Another interest of mine is visiting places that are often overlooked. I have heard of locations such as the “Before I Die” wall. This is a chalkboard wall that people write their hopes and dreams on. Theodore Roosevelt Island, with its hiking trails and wildlife also seems very intriguing. With great weather, new friends, and new experiences, I know that my time in Washington, D.C. will be very eventful.

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