Family visits!

Family visits!

So today my family came to visit! I'm from Philadelphia, so it's only a three hour drive. They got here around 1:30 p.m. and stayed till about 6. It was a little rushed, but my father had to get home at a reasonable hour so he wouldn't be too tired for work tomorrow. I've been looking forward to their visit all week and I was so happy when I saw their car. They were starving so after a quick tour of my room we went to lunch. I took them to Johnny Rockets in Golden Triangle because it's a short walk from my apartment.


Side note: one of the things I LOVE about living where I do is that I'm in Foggy Bottom, but am walking distance from the Golden Triange district. There are some good restaurants in Golden Triangle, some reportedly amazing food trucks, and, most importantly, Farragut North metro station is in Golden Triangle, which means I have access to the red line. TWC's NoMa housing is on the red line and so are the houses of many of my friends.


Anyway, Johnny Rockets is a little 1950's style chain diner but it serves great food! It's not exactly gourmet, but everyone around here raves about it and I absolutely LOVE their chili. It's really some of the best chili I've ever had. My parents both got veggie burger's because they're lame and boring, but they said they were great.


After lunch we walked to Farragut North and got off at Metro Center and walked to the Newseum. Technically we could have gotten off at Archives and been about ten minutes closer, but the walk from Metro Center was so scenic. The streets are wide and clean, the buildings are old and beautiful and monuments abound -- it felt like being in a European city. Of note we passed the Old Post Office Pavilion, a theater with famous hand prints and the U.S. Navy Memorial.


I went to the Newseum during my first week at TWC with my Media and Communications group and I was eager to take my parents there. We explored the gallery of presidential dogs, the Pulitzer Prize photography exposition, saw a piece of the Berlin Wall, and visited the section dedicated to worldwide freedom of the press. A lot of the content of the Newseum is very moving -- some of the Pulitzer winning photographs depicted horrible incidents of war and poverty. A picture of an incident in Bangkok was so graphic I had to look away. My parents really loved the Newseum, and even though it was the only thing we got to do today, I think it was a great choice.


After the Newseum we reunited with my sister -- she had been visiting with a friend while we were at the Newseum. We walked to a restaurant down the street from my dorm called Tonic. I hadn't been there before and wasn't particulary hungry (Johnny Rockets chili is filling!) but my family loved their food. The vibe at Tonic is nice too; you can draw on the tables and some of the walls, and they have a place where you can take and leave books.


After dinner my family hit the road -- I was sad to see them go but I am so glad I got to see them and show them a little bit of the city I've come to love so much!


Till next time-


p.s. As a little treat, here are some pictures of the dogs and their presidential pals from the Newseum:


All pictures taken from the Newseum website.

Vice president Nixon holds Checkers. (Courtesy The AP)

Nixon during his Vice Presidency

President Ford with Liberty. (David Hume Kennerly/ Gerald R. Ford Library)

President Ford

President Bush and Barney. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Courtesy The AP)

President Bush (43)

President Johnson with Him and Her. (Charles P. Gorry/Courtesy The AP)

President Johnson

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