The End--Part 2

The End--Part 2

So tomorrow I will be back at my school again for senior year. I miss Washington so much. You've been listening to me blab all summer long, so I will try and keep this last blog short and sweet :).

My college is in a small suburb and I miss the action of being in the city! My experience was a bit different than that of my peers in that I did not live in the TWC apartments, and I think that contributed to the sense of independence I had when I was in D.C. Living on my own, responsible for all of my meals and transportation -- it was exciting! It's weird being back on campus where I have amenities like my own car and a roommate and access to prepared food. I miss how independent I felt when I was in Washington.


I also miss feeling busy! Between civic engagement, class, work and my social life, this summer was pretty hectic and I thought I would enjoy having so much free time now that I am back on my college schedule. Suprisingly, I really miss the feeling of productivity that being constantly busy afforded me.


Most of all, I miss my friends. Going into this experience I already had a lot of friends in Washington from college so I assumed I would spend most of my tme with them -- and I did. But I also met a lot of wonderful people on the TWC program. Two of the girls in the Media and Communication program became very good friends of mine and we spent a lot of time together. All three of us want to move to D.C. after we graduate so hopefully we will all be offered jobs in the area.


Even though I am no longer in Washington I am still benefitting from my time there. I'm still in touch with my new friends. I've become more civically-minded. Tomorrow I will be able to apply some of my sharpened academic skills to my classes. Most importantly -- when I begin to apply for jobs, I will have context, reference points, knowledge of the interview process, and I will be able to approach the process confidently... because I know what I'm doing; I spent my summer training for this process and I feel ready to attack it.


Thanks to my friends, family, TWC, the city of Washington, and all of you who have been reading.




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