The End -- Part 1

The End -- Part 1

So my last day happened. So incredibly sad. This truly has been a life changing experience for me. On the last day we went to George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon. Washington lived at Mount Vernon, Virginia with his wife and her children until he died. I went with my friends Natasha, Claire (a fellow TWC student!) and Caroline. We drove to Mount Vernon and got lost on the way, but it was a happy accident because we wound up on King St. in Alexandria where I worked all summer -- so I got to show my friends where I was everyday from 9-5.


By the time we got to Mount Vernon, we were starving! We wanted to go to the cafe, but it was closed so we settled for the food court. After the food court we went inside an informational building and watched a fifteen-minute summary of George Washington's life, rise to power, and impact on American government. It was very well done. It was acted out and narrated with an opening form Pat Sayjack (the Wheel of Fortune guy).


After the video we headed out to the grounds, opting for a self-guided tour. The house is situated on the top of a hill and the backyard overlooks the Potomac. We walked by the slave quarters, peeked in, and then headed to the house. We walked through a room that was under construction and decided to sit out front on the lawn over looking the Potomac and chat for a few minutes before going back inside to look at the rest of the rooms. We talked about everything -- our summer, going back to school for senior year, how cool it was that Washington sat in the same spot we were sitting years and years ago, probably talking with his friends. Time really got the best of us because an hour and a half later a lady came up to us and told us we needed to leave because Mount Vernon was closing! So we didn't get to see the inside of the house! But it made for a great day and a great story. Here are some pictures from our Mount Vernon adventure --





After Mount Vernon we showered and went to my favorite bar in Georgetown. I saw a bunch of my friends and had a really great time, but it was hard knowing that this was my final night in D.C. After the bar we went to my friends house in Glover Park. Then we went back to my friend Caroline's where I slept. In the morning I went to the airport and flew to Boston. It was the first time I can remember that I felt a little sad about going on vacation with my family. There are so many wonderful things about Washington I knew I was going to miss; my friends, my internship, Alexandria, the nightlife, walking amongst history, being in the center of so many things! In D.C. I was never bored because I always knew there was an interesting monument, or art exhibit just a few Metro stops away. I could see a protest or join in with one. It was hard to leave all that behind.


Hopefully I will be able to live in D.C. after I've graduated.


So that's it for now, I will post once more, probably tomorrow or the day after, really reflecting on my experience -- and then that will be my last post.

Until next time,


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