So yesterday was commencement at TWC! Congratulations everybody! Commencement was about an hour long. There were four different student speakers, and they were all wonderful. It was so encouraging to see my fellow students bravely stand up in front of 500 people and talk openly and honestly about the transformative experience they have had at The Washington Center. Each one of their speeches resonated with me in a different way.


At commencement, several of my peers were awarded for their achievements. There were awards in three categories; academic and professional achievement, civic engagement, and leadership. This corresponded nicely to our individual development plans that we created at the beginning of the summer. In our plans we each wrote about two goals in three different categories and then listed "action steps" (meaning steps we could take to complete these goals). I accomplished most of my goals, but the one goal I am still working on is learning how to use Photoshop.


One goal I did accomplish through my academic course was learning about the different areas and landmarks in the capital. When my parents came to visit, I easily led them around D.C. while explaining fun facts and interesting anecdotes about the city's history and landmarks. Many buildings now stick out to me because I know their stories, and otherwise they would have blended into the scenery.


After commencement my friend Claire and I were driven home by our Venezuelan friend Jhon. Jhon and Claire work at the OAS together, which is the Organization of American States. It is a really neat internship site! The office building is near Foggy Bottom and is beautiful; the flags of all the American states hang overhead in the entryway. Claire and her co-workers speak almost entirely in Spanish at work. TWC really helped Claire find any internship site that combines her to passions: Spanish and Communication.


Even though commencement happened, which means we are finished with Monday meetings and assignments, my work here is not done! I still have to finish out my internship, which ends on Friday, and I have one more Wednesday night class left.

So with only a week left, I made a list of things I want to do before I leave:

1. Shop at CUSP one last time!- Cusp is my favorite store in D.C., and they don't have any in Philadelphia!

2. George on Thursday- Thursday night happy hour at George is great because they often have networking events for young politically interested people like me.

3. Pride and Prejudice screening Wednesday night

4. Visit Mount Vernon. I still have not been to George Washington's home at Mount Vernon and for someone as interested in history and architecture as I am, this is a must see!

5. Take pictures at Embassy Row. Embassy Row is a street in D.C., near Tenleytown, where many of the embassies are located. It is positively my favorite street in D.C.; it's absolutely gorgeous.

6. Eat at Zburger again- just a fast food restaurant that's open late night that they don't have in Philadelphia

7. Smithsonian- if there's time. Kind of a touristy thing to do, but why not?


So that's my list. I will let you know how the rest of the week goes next time I blog.



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