Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping Things Up

If you’re looking to keep your academic mind intact during the summer, The Washington Center will definitely help you out with that—no doubt about it. The last couple weeks of the program, I had to work full time at my internship, attend class, write over 4 essays and finish a 40+ page portfolio (oh, and write this blog here). It may seem like a lot of work, but if you manage your time well, it’s not so bad. Key: Don’t Procrastinate.

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Though I’m a procrastinator at heart, I chose to finish my portfolio a few days early so I could enjoy my last full weekend in D.C. I'm happy with the final product, and creating it really made me realize how much meaningful work I've done while being in D.C.


My Portfolio

Before coming to the Washington Center, I chose to participate in a course entitled Scandalous Washington, taught by the very knowledgeable Professor Gueli. By the time I finally arrived at the Washington Center, I spent every Tuesday evening learning all about the fascinating and outrageous history of the capital city. I learned about prostitutes, presidential affairs, the Watergate scandal, riots, slavery— basically everything. Because I haven’t learned much about American history in Canada, this course really opened my eyes to the complexity of America’s past. Though I had to write quite a few essays for the class, I feel like I gained a lot by writing them.


I refused to sit in front of a computer all weekend; so I finished my final for my class and worked all night on my portfolio. When the weekend finally arrived, I took pictures in front of monuments, went paddle boating on the Potomac and visited museums. Sounds like a lot more fun, don’t ya think?


The Capitol


Washington Monument

Paddle Boating on the Potomac

Visiting museums is one of my favorite things to do during the weekend in D.C. During that particular weekend, I went to the American Art Museum and the Crime and Punishment Museum. Visiting the American Art Museum is a very calming experience. For some reason, many tourists don't venture off there, so it's a very peaceful place. The courtyard that connects the American Art Museum and the Portrait Gallery is a wonderful hidden treasure, and it has free wifi!


The Courtyard


I would not advise visiting the crime and punishment museum alone like I did. It's fascinating, but It freaked me out. I was looking behind my shoulder the whole walk home.

America’s Most Wanted Studios and Costumes of a

Real Killer Clown at the Crime and Punishment Museum


Suggestion of the Week


Just a friendly reminder to avoid procrastination at all costs!






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