Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Fridays in D.C. are full of excitement and anticipation—mainly because people everywhere are feeling relaxed and ready for the fabulous weekend ahead. But let’s be honest, Saturdays are great too. Personally, I love Saturdays because Saturday Night Live (SNL) is on TV. Though I’ve tried to steer clear of the television during my stay here, I must admit that I’ve loved Saturday Night Live ever since I was a little child. When I heard Seth Meyers (former head writer and cast member of SNL) was coming to D.C., I had to purchase tickets to his comedy show immediately. I wasn't sure what to expect, but his jokes about D.C. ended up being spot on, and even though I was sitting in the back of the theatre, it was well worth it.


Top: Seth Meyers show at Warner Theatre.

Bottom: Me and Paige waiting for the show to start.


Eastern Market is a wonderful place to spend a Saturday Afternoon. You never know what interesting little treasures you might find. Amongst the pretzel and lemonade stands lay eccentric jewelry, brilliant art and interesting clothing.



Titanic shirt with a sloth on it. I should've bought it!


Aside from spending time at Eastern Market and getting incredibly amused by Seth Meyers' set, I spent my weekend doing some monument hopping. There’s nothing quite like monument hopping on a Saturday at 3 am. We explored all the famous monuments while the tourists were asleep in their hotel beds. It was certainly an experience I won’t soon forget.


World War II Memorial and the Capitol


That weekend, I was also fortunate enough to go to a BBQ cook-off on Pennsylvania Avenue. There was food and music everywhere! I got so much free stuff there too, and coincidently, it was mostly items that I actually needed in my apartment. Things like dish soap, hand soap and toothpaste.



Free stuff (including bread apparently).


Sunday is "Katherine goes to the museum" day. A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon the American History Museum and I especially loved seeing the Kermit the Frog display (if you didn't already know, I have a bit of a closeted obsession with the Muppets). Because the historic Old Post Office is basically right next-door to the American History Museum, I went in to check out the view of D.C. from above. The BBQ cook-off was still on, so the landscape below was particularly interesting.



Top: American History Museum (Michelle Obama's Inaugural Gown and Kermit).

Bottom: Beautiful View from the top of the Old Post Office.


As you may be able to tell, I’m constantly keeping myself busy. My plan is to see absolutely everything there is to do and see here in D.C.


Suggestion of the week: If you ever get the chance, please got to WiseGuy NY Pizza on Massachusetts Ave. It's SO good and they're open late.


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