Live from New York

Live from New York

After all the wonderful July 4th festivities, it was time to pack my bags and head to New York City. I’ve been before, but this time, my goal was to visit all five boroughs. Yes, I saw The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens ALL in one weekend. I think that each and every borough has its own distinct qualities that deserve appreciation and admiration.


I left D.C at around 9 a.m. on the Amtrak, and arrived in New York by early afternoon. Luckily, my hotel was conveniently located right on Lexington Avenue.


The beautiful Chrysler Building just steps away from my hotel


I started the day off by heading over to The Bronx. I was mainly interested in visiting the famous Bronx Zoo, but was really up for any type of interesting adventure.

Because I live in D.C. now, I don’t like paying for things (that especially applies to zoos or museums). Luckily, the attendant at the zoo let us in free of charge because there was only an hour until closing. I’m pretty sure she just felt bad for us, because we were poor students, but hey… I like free stuff, I’m not complaining.


Jeremy at the Bronx Zoo


After spending some time in the Bronx, I took the subway back to Manhattan and explored Greenwich Village. It was fabulous! So fabulous in fact, that I came back three times during my short weekend trip. I especially loved getting ice cream at Café Reggio on MacDougal Street (which is little restaurant made famous by Beat Generation writers like Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac). I also spent some time in "The Village," relaxing in Washington Square Park and listening to Jazz whilst dipping my feet in the massive fountain. It was glorious.


Amazing Ice Cream at Cafe Reggio


The next day, I visited Louis Armstrong’s house in a neighborhood called Corona in Queens. I would definitely suggest checking it out—it's a hidden treasure that nobody knows about. When I think back on it, I consider it to be one of the highlights of my trip. The tour was fantastic and the tour guide was very knowledgeable about all things Louis. We stuck around for a bit after the tour to chat with him and pick his brain. Most New Yorkers that I’ve encountered are so fascinating and so honest. Gotta love em.


Louis: The Music Man


Afterwards, I kept the museum momentum going by visiting the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. Being a video intern in D.C. and a multimedia editor back home at my student newspaper, this was the perfect museum for me.


This particular video was called Brokeback to the Future


There were also some other videos being shown in the museum that I found particularly intriguing. This Alice in Wonderland one really stands out in my memory. Warning: very trippy:



Being a University student, I couldn’t leave New York without visiting Colombia University. The campus was gorgeous and very well kept. I sat down in the beautiful green grass, absorbed some hot sun rays and observed the students walking in and out of the library.


It's just so beautiful.


Kappa Alpha Theta (KAO) house in New York! I'm part of KAO in Canada.


On my last day in New York, I went to Staten Island on the ferry. Though Staten Island is technically New York, it is the only borough that isn’t connected by the subway system. There are a lot of parks and quiet spaces to spend some time unwinding, so I think it was a great way to end such a packed weekend.


I could tell you all the little cafes and shops that I visited, but I feel like I’ve already gone into such detail and I don’t want to take up any more space on this blog.


Suggestion of the Week

If you ever go to New York, go to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Manhattan. I waited in line for almost two hours, and couldn’t get in, but if you get tickets in advance, you should be able to get in just fine! They’re a famous improv theatre, and they host hilarious shows with Saturday Night Live guests all the time (Amy Poehler hosts a lot). It’s a hidden treasure.


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