Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

By the time I arrived at the jam-packed Metro on the first day of my internship, I realized that I had forgotten my lunch on the counter and that my stomach was already grumbling for more food. Though I thought it was going to be a tough morning, when I arrived at Keppler Speakers Bureau everyone was incredibly welcoming, and I had no problem feeling comfortable within minutes of arriving. As their new video intern, I was placed in the marketing department. There’s another intern (Josh) who lives next door to me in my residence that also works in the same department at Keppler. Since we had no idea what to expect, we decided to arrive together. Thankfully, the marketing department is filled with personality and character, and I knew instantly that we would both fit in just fine.


After a morning of meetings and introductions, we all went out for lunch together at a restaurant called Rien Tong (we like to call it “ringtone” because we can’t pronounce the real name). I highly recommend the Pad Thai there—I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. Also, it happened to be Josh’s 20th birthday on his first day, so by the time we all got back from lunch, we had gourmet cupcakes waiting for us from Crumbs Bake Shop. The majority of the food that I’ve had here has been straight from the heavens, I swear.



Aside from eating cupcakes, what do I actually do as a video intern? Well if you’re curious, my duties include: assisting with video editing, providing support on graphic design projects, helping with marketing research for video campaigns, assisting with video production and duplicating DVDs for sales agents. I’ve had the opportunity to do the majority of these things so far, and I’m having a blast.


Keppler Speakers often has the speakers come up to the office to share their vision and meet the employees. On my first week, we all got to meet Tim Sanders, former Yahoo! executive and CEO of Net Minds. As he was meeting with Keppler, he was explaining the importance of social media and described it as something that is “infinitely customizable”. He also taught me a fun fact. Apparently, the word social media was first used in 1996. Whoa.


Along with meeting Tim Sanders, I also got to meet New York Times Bestselling author, Jeannette Walls a few days later. I got free tickets from Keppler to an event hosted by the sixth&i synagogue for the promotion of her new book, The Silver Star. The venue was gorgeous and Jeannette was fascinating; she even signed my book!


My Signed Copy of The Glass Castle!


Pride Parade

Dupont Circle was packed with multicolored beads and flags as the Pride Parade came through on Saturday afternoon. I am now officially a proud owner of over 15 multicolored beaded necklaces. The Pride Parade was definitely one of the more outrageous events of my weekend. People were cheering, dancing and singing all over the place... and to my surprise, it lasted for over two hours.


Pride Parade in Dupont Circle


The NoMa Life

I live it up in the RAF (Residential and Academic Facility). RAF is conveniently located in NoMa, an up and coming neighborhood in the Northeastern side of Washington, D.C. NoMa is all about events—everything from concerts to movie nights to neighborhood parties. To integrate myself a little bit more into the neighborhood, I decided to go to the showing of The Princess Bride at the NoMa Summer Screen. The park was filled with blankets, picnic baskets and adorable dogs.


Me (far right), Josh (middle) and Madeline (top) at the NoMa Summer Screen


One of many cute pups running around NoMa


My Apologies…for Being a Tourist

I know that being a tourist is a natural occurrence for anyone visiting Washington, D.C. for the very first time, so I try hard not to dislike them. Honestly, the weekend is prime time for any kind of tourist activity.


Aside from spending my Saturday at the Pride Parade, I started my morning off by looking for a brunch place with a few friends, but we all somehow ended up getting crepes at a fast food crepe place instead (which was fine, because it was deeelicious).  We were all determined to take advantage of any discounts we could, so we headed to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (classic tourist move), followed by the White House (classic tourist move numero dos).


Top: Katherine and girlfiends at the White House

Bottom: Katherine and a wax rendering of former President Bill Clinton


On Sunday, I ventured off to the Washington Nationals vs Minnesota Twins baseball game. The Metro was crazy, the weather was hot and the drinks were pricey, but even with my limited knowledge of baseball, I had a fabulous time. All of us even got to sit in the second row!  If I have the chance, I want to go back for a night game.



Before I go, I’ll leave you with a little something special. Someone at Keppler first introduced me to this video, and I feel obligated to pass it on to you. It’s called “Prancercize”, and it’s hilarious:



All Best!



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