Hay Hay Baltimore

Hay Hay Baltimore

I couldn’t help singing Good Morning Baltimore (from the musical Hairspray) as I rolled into Baltimore with a few friends early on a beautiful Saturday Morning. Baltimore had my heart immediately. I spent my time there eating crab, sitting in boats and watching pro baseball— and I loved it.


Baltimore Harbor

We spent a lot of time wandering around the water before deciding to take a water taxi to a crab restaurant called Captain James. As we wandered, we shot some lovely pictures, bought some Orioles attire and marveled at how gorgeous everything was. By the time we actually arrived at Captain James, half of us didn’t have any idea what to do. Before going to Baltimore, I had never had a fresh “crab feast” before. The table where our “feast” was being held was covered in paper. I was a little skeptical at first, but eating crab ended up being really entertaining and delicious. Warning: a crab feast is more of an activity than a meal.


We took some pictures with our crabs (and even named them) before tearing them apart and devouring them.  By the end of our feast, the table was filled with crab guts and shells.



After eating every last bit of crab meat, we took the water taxi back to harborplace to head over to the Orioles vs. Red Sox baseball game. I've gone to quite a few baseball games during my time away, and I have to say that I’ve had a wonderful time at every single one of them. American baseball games are sweet.


Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox

We kept the boat theme going the next day by boarding on the Mount Vernon Boat Cruise. Seeing D.C from the water is a completely new experience and I highly recommend it. I wasn’t even aware that D.C had a Titanic Memorial until I saw it from the boat (sorry, Leo!). By the time we all arrived at Mount Vernon, we couldn’t believe how peaceful and gorgeous it was. Seeing George Washington’s estate was a nice break from the hustle n’ bustle of D.C.


Mount Vernon

Hey Sheep, Sup?


Suggestion of the Week


Spend a weekend in Baltimore! It's so worth it.




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